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5 advantages of Haltermann Carless solvents for your paints, coatings and adhesives

Haltermann Carless solvents for paints, coatings and adhesivesImpurities, modifications and delays: These three potential problems pose major concerns for the paint, coatings and adhesives industry. Manufacturers depend on continuity and reliability from their solvent suppliers. This means that consistently high quality and a timely delivery assurance are basic requirements for a long-term partnership. Haltermann Carless meets these requirements and offers additional services.

Market requirements for solvent suppliers

Solvents for the coatings, paints and adhesives industry are important base materials for various applications such as construction paints, printing inks, automotive series and car repair paints, coating materials, corrosion protection or adhesives, sealants and construction adhesives. As diverse as the range of applications is, the demands of the manufacturers are clear. Their main concerns are contamination, e.g. by unwanted aromatics, which reduces product quality, and delays in delivery, which minimise their planning precision.

Changes in quality and continuity should be avoided as far as possible. In this respect, the industry relies on long-term reliable suppliers and formulates clear market requirements:

Product quality

  • Free of unwanted aromatic compounds
  • Consistent purity
  • No unsaturated compounds

Process safety

  • Continuous production
  • Strict quality controls
Delivery promise
  • Reliable transport network
  • On-time delivery


Haltermann Carless offers compelling paraffinic solvents with a focus on long-term customer loyalty

Haltermann Carless has been committed to application and service orientation for over 160 years. This is also reflected by our long-standing customers in the paint, coatings and adhesives industry, who are firmly convinced of our offerings. Consistency in product quality and availability, as well as flexibility in terms of specifications and customer requirements go side by side.

We meet the requirements for tailor-made solvents for complex applications in paints, coatings and adhesives with 5 strong arguments:

1. Product quality

Haltermann Carless offers high-purity solvents of 95 % and 99 %, which are free of any unwanted aromatics and unsaturated compounds. We promise consistently high quality, which is ensured by our modern laboratories. Our products are of course all REACH-registered and "Made in Germany".


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2. Customised specifications

We support our customers with tailor-made specifications for specific applications and also provide advice on regulations and approvals.

3. Modern technology

Our modern production facilities are in continuous operation and ensure our ability to deliver. We invest in new technologies to provide consistently high quality as well as to protect people and the environment in the long term.

4. Quality assurance

A consistently high quality and purity of our solvents is assured by our laboratories and permanent quality controls during the production process. For this purpose, we have laboratories directly integrated into the production process as well as a supplementary laboratory, which is additionally accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. To maintain the integrity of our products, each of our tanks is separated and independent with its own pipes. As a further safety measure, each tank has its own pump and mixing nozzle.

5. Delivery promise

For a punctual delivery of your products, we have established a wide range of services and have made our supply chain management particularly customer-friendly. Our storage capacities, a worldwide distribution network and our international transport network help us to achieve this. This allows us to implement bespoke delivery concepts for our customers in terms of packaging type, size and means of transport. We are in the position to provide you with optimum transparency in tracking your sensitive goods and comprehensive planning security.


Learn how Haltermann Carless solvents can support your paint, coatings and adhesives business. 



Haltermann Carless meets the special requirements for solvents for paints, coatings and adhesives with 160 years of experience and know-how as a supplier of high-purity paraffins. We offer our customers a variety of high-performance products and comprehensive solutions in accordance with their requirements.

It is important for us to confirm the trust that has been placed in us with consistent quality and reliability and to always keep your individual needs in mind. In a personal meeting, we would be pleased to provide more details our solvents and services:

  • Free from unwanted aromatics
  • No unsaturated compounds
  • High purity of 95 % and 99 %
  • Consistently high quality
  • Extensive quality controls
  • Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 17025
  • "Made in Germany" - manufactured in Germany
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Individual delivery concepts


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Topics: Paints, Coatings & Adhesives, Solvents

Author: Dr. Henning Böckemeier

Author: Dr. Henning Böckemeier

Dr. Henning Böckemeier is technical contact for the areas of Performance Solvents, Middle Distillates and Renewables at Haltermann Carless. As Manager Technical Services & Development he holds the connecting position between sales, marketing and laboratory. His focus is on the development of new products and sustainable hydrocarbons as well as the evaluation of new raw materials.

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