Leading in hydrocarbon-based products and solvents

Haltermann Carless is a chemical company founded on tradition, value and experience dating all the way back to 1859. Today, the company is a key brand of HCS Group and a leading international supplier of high-value hydrocarbon-based speciality products and solvents.

Customers from the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as from industrial and construction markets value our market leading products, long-term expertise and comprehensive technical application services as well as solution-oriented approach. Our 500 employees based in Germany, UK, France, USA and Japan ensure the success of our company.

Haltermann Carless focusses on product lines such as Oil & Gas, Pentanes, Performance Fuels, Performance Solvents, Heavy Aromatics, Printing Ink Distillates and Base Oils. With access to renewable resources we are in the position to provide our customers sustainable solutions.


Haltermann Carless Company Presentation (2021)


New construction:


Hydrogentation unit at our production site Speyer, Germany

Our commitment to the needs and requirements of our customers is reflected in our new hydrogenation plant. Improved product qualities, capacity expansion and sustainable production go hand in hand here. 

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Our sites

Haltermann Carless Deutschland_Hamburg

Haltermann Carless, Hamburg (D)

Production and Sales

At our production site in Hamburg, we manufacture modern fuels for research and development in the automotive industry, such as test and reference fuels, first fill or biofuels. The sales department is also located here, as is the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.


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Haltermann Carless Deutschland_Speyer

Haltermann Carless, Speyer (D)


At our Speyer site we produce a variety of products, such as Performance Solvents, Middle Distillates, Pentanes, Paraffinic Solvents, Components for Test Fuels as well as bio-based products made from renewable raw materials.

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Haltermann Carless, Harwich (UK)


At our Harwich Manufacturing Centre we produce a versatile portfolio of products such as Heavy Aromatics, Gas Condensates, Pipeline Interfaces, Middle Distillates, as well as Mixed Hydrocarbon Streams and High-Performance Fuels. We also offer Custom Processing.

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Haltermann Carless, Stanlow (UK)

Production and Sales

Stanlow is the production site for the Electrical Oil Services (EOS) product division. At the site, used transformer oils are recycled into virgin insulating oil. In addition to production, the laboratory and sales are also located here.


Haltermann Carless, Leatherhead (UK)

Sales and Administration

In Leatherhead, close to London, we host our Sales and Administration office.

Haltermann Carlesse France_Bourgtheroulde

Haltermann Carless, Bourgetheroulde (F)

Production and Sales

Our site in Bourgetheroulde is responsible for the production of specialty engine and transmission lubricants. They also coordinate the global distribution of our ETS Racing Fuels products.

Haltermann Carless USA_Manvel TX

Haltermann Carless, Manvel, TX (USA)


At our production site in Manvel, we manufacture Oxo products, which are used primarily in the pharmaceutical and printing ink industries.

Haltermann Carless USA_Troy MI_1100x620px_210913

Haltermann Carless, Troy, MI (USA)

Sales and Administration

In Troy, close to Detroit, we host our Sales and Administration office, which takes care of all requests for the American market.

Haltermann Carless Japan_Yokohama_1100x620px_210913

Haltermann Carless, Yokohama (JP)


We have a sales office in Yokohama, which is primarily responsible for the fuel requirements of the Japanese market and neighbouring countries.