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Solvents for the pharmaceutical industry

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Solvents for the paint, coating and adhesive industry

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Solvents – highest purity for particularly demanding applications

High-purity solvents are important raw materials for a number of demanding applications, such as in the pharmaceutical or electronics industry. With our decades of experience in distillative separation and specialty production, we offer our customers products with purities ranging from 95% and 99% to 99.75%. 

Haltermann Carless' high-purity hydrocarbons are produced in Speyer, Germany. They are "Made in Germany" and convince with continuously highest quality standards. Our customers appreciate the security of supply for their production processes as much as our proven expertise in manufacturing and handling the products.


Our portfolio of high-purity solvents

We offer a large portfolio of high purity solvents from C5 to C20 molecules in various degrees of purity. The physical properties of these products are very tightly specified and match the standards of the reference literature.

Overview product portfolio: 

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Fine products such as  petrol ethers

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Albrecht Spangenberg
Senior Vice President –Performance Solvents


Sales Contacts

Timo Urland
Sales Manager – Performance Solvents, Global
Phone: +49 40 333 18 104
Bryan Schorr
Sales Manager – Performance Solvents, North America
Mobile: +1 314 704 60 04


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Product quality overview:

  • The Hydrocarbons 99% product line includes aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a purity of at least 99% and a chain length in the range of C5 to C16. For process-related high quality requirements and for products with chain lengths from n-C17 to n-C20, hydrocarbons 99 % are most suitable. 
  • The Hydrocarbons 95% product line includes aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons with a purity of at least 95% and a chain length in the range of C5 to C16. 
  • Some products such as n-heptane and iso-octane are offered by us with a purity of at least 99.75%.
  • Petroleum ethers are low-aromatic, low-boiling hydrocarbon fractions with narrow boiling limits. They are ideally suited for applications where rapid evaporation of the solvent is required. Some petroleum ethers are also offered with low n-hexane content.
  • Non-standard products in the range of n-C17 to n-C20 can be produced on request. 

Upon request, additional customer-specific quality parameters can be agreed upon to ensure an optimal result in the product application.

Applications and Markets

High-purity solvents are raw materials in demand for sophisticated applications. These include, above all, the pharmaceutical industry. Market requirements are particularly high and demand continuity in quality and supply capability:

  • Very high purity
  • High degree of consistent quality
  • Free of aromatics
  • Free of unsaturated compounds
  • Tailor-made formulations
  • High delivery reliability


Typical applications for hydrocarbons with 99% purity: 

They are used as laboratory reagents and in industrial processes where their high purity combined with their physical properties offer particular advantages. They are excellent as excipients in processes such as crystallization, extraction, HPLC and SMB-chromatography, as well as reaction media and in certain applications as latent heat storage.

Typical applications for hydrocarbons with 95% purity:

They are used as blowing agent components for plastic foams and cosmetics, as process aids and reaction media in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, and as solvents for special printing inks.

Application of high-purity solvents


Our high-purity solvents convince with a purity of up to 99.75 %. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), as well as manufacturers of generic drugs, therefore rely on our experience and high supply security.

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Paints, Coatings and AdhesivesPaintings. coatings, adhesives

More than half of all solvents are processed by the paints, coatings and adhesives industry. We therefore offer our solvents with high purity, without aromatics and unsaturated compounds, and with consistently high quality characteristics.

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Cosmetics & Personal Care cosmetics_iStock-1289221022_copyright_Ridofranz_1100x620px_220315

Our solvent portfolio is also used in the cosmetics, the fragrance and scent industry. Here we offer particularly low-odor special grades for self-foaming shaving or shower gels, for example, which have been specially developed for cosmetic applications. Certain paraffins are used as a base for cosmetic formulations.

Made from 100% plant-based feedstock in high-purity quality, our renewable isododecane is ideally suited for cosmetics and skincare products. As a simple drop-in solution it replaces fossil raw materials and critical silicones. 

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The manufacture of LCD screens places similarly high demands on the chemicals and solvents used as does the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, such complicated electronic components are manufactured in cleanrooms under almost clinical conditions. Dust, pollen or other dirt would subsequently cause dark spots on the screen of a smartphone, for example. Our high-purity solvents with their extremely low evaporation residue offer an excellent alternative to fluorinated, chlorinated and aromatic solvents.

Fine Chemicalslab-test-tubes_iStock-846677832_1100x620px_200917

Fine chemicals are molecules that are complex to produce, are often only produced in small quantities and have a high, specified purity. These include fragrances, food additives, vitamins and the like. High-purity paraffinic solvents are used in the synthesis of these substances and especially in their workup.

ASTM Test- & Reference Fuels Car_DynoTesting_iStock-495853999_1100x620px_210914

Our ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) test and reference fuels have an exceptionally high degree of purity and meet the high qualitative requirements of DIN, EN, ISO or ASTM test methods and standards.

They are used for octane number or cetane number determination of fuels, for material testing of elastomers, rubber and polymer materials, and as customer-specific test fluids. In addition, special test mixtures are developed and produced for individual customer requirements. We manufacture the following ASTM test and reference fuels: 

  • iso-Octane ASTM/n-Heptane ASTM for the octane determination of fuels.
  • Octane-80-blend ASTM, a blend of iso-octane ASTM and n-heptane ASTM with MON 80 +/- 0.1. Other ASTM fuels are available
  • Toluene ASTM
  • n-Cetane ASTM
  • n-Cetane for the cetane determination of diesel fuels in CFR/BASF-engines.
  • α-Methylnaphthalin for the cetane determination of diesel fuels in the BASF-engine.

We also offer test mixtures for testing polymer materials, rubber as well as elastomers, as well as calibration fluids.

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Our quality guarantee for high-purity solvents

Haltermann Carless builds on long-standing customer relationships through customized services, reliability and competence. A high level of consistent quality is the most important feature of our offered solvents.

quality laboratories


We ensure the highest purity and quality through our laboratories in Speyer and Hamburg, as well as with extensive controls - from raw material receipt to product delivery. This includes state-of-the-art equipment in our laboratories, qualified employees, double quality checks and working according to the dual control principle. This enables us to offer consistently high quality standards.


We see ourselves as a partner to our solvent customers and this includes joint further development - including formulations. We offer customized specification solutions, as well as the possibility of individual quality parameters.



With the construction of our new hydrogenation plant at the Speyer site, new product types and products with a high degree of purity can be produced. In addition, we are currently developing alternatives to fossil-based products. The investment in modern and sustainable technology offers us many opportunities for further growth in the future. Our customers will also benefit from this.

Delivery Promise

We stand for reliable deliveries and rely on an independent, global supplier network, flexibility in transport and packaging concepts, and track & trace systems for full transparency in the supply chain.

The infrastructure of our production site in Speyer provides the best conditions for our worldwide distribution. With the proximity to the Rhine and Frankfurt Airport, as well as a self-sufficient logistics connection (our own ship jetty on the factory premises, our own loading and unloading stations for rail tank cars, as well as a loading station for tank trucks), we supply customers worldwide and reliably.

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