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Performance Solvents for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy with a high social standing. With the production of a wide range of pharmaceutical products in the field of human and veterinary medicine, it makes a major contribution to society, like

  • increased life expectancies,
  • lower occurences of illness and
  • sick leave.
The products are drugs whose active ingredient(s) serve to improve, maintain or restore health, such as ready-to-use drugs, vaccines or even biotechnologically produced gene therapeutics. In the manufacture of these indispensable products, the pharmaceutical industry invests considerable resources each year specifically in research and development. Especially in this area, the chemical industry is an important supplier of a wide variety of raw materials.

The market requirements are very demanding. In addition to

  • high-purity products,
  • 100% reliability and conformity,
  • application-oriented solvents are particularly in demand.

As a leading manufacturer, Haltermann Carless has more than 50 years of experience in the production of high-purity hydrocarbons as solvents for the pharmaceutical industry.

Performance Solvents Pharmaceutical Industry


Albrecht Spangenberg
Senior Vice President –Performance Solvents


Sales Contacts

Timo Urland
Sales Manager – Performance Solvents, Global
Phone: +49 40 333 18 104Email:
Bryan Schorr
Sales Manager – Performance Solvents, North America
Mobile: +1 314 704 60 04


You can find more product information in our media library:

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Our many years of expertise and our high-purity solvents are particularly appealing, which is why our customers include leading multinational manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) as well as manufacturers of generic products.


Our high-performance products have a purity of up to 99.75% and therefore meet the highest requirements of the industry. The high purity of our solvents allows an efficient and specific control of subsequent synthesis steps. This is of fundamental importance in the pharmaceutical industry.

The advantages of our solvents for the pharmaceutical industry at a glance:

  • Extremely high purity: from 95% and 99% up to 99.75%
  • High level of consistent quality
  • Production process in accordance with GMP standards
  • From laboratory to production scale
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Individual quality parameters possible
  • "Made in Germany" 
  • Worldwide distribution
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Our products for pharmaceutical industry

For our customers in the pharmaceutical industry we offer the following products:

  • Isoparaffins 
  • n-paraffins
  • n-Heptane
  • n-Octane
  • iso-octane
  • n-Hexane
  • n-Pentane
products pharmaceutical industry

Our high-purity paraffins are used in the production of active pharmaceutical substances - also known as active ingredients (API). Both long-chain n-paraffins and branched isoparaffins are used.

A good example is n-heptane. This paraffin is not used directly as a solvent in the reaction, but in processing, crystallization, washing of purified substances and extraction. It is also a popular solvent for HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) applications. Instead of n-heptane, n-octane or the isoparaffin iso-octane can often be used.

Besides n-heptane and the octanes, n-pentane and n-hexane are also used.


Which solvent is chosen depends mainly on the different physical properties of the molecules.

The physical properties of solvents in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry 99% pure products are the standard. The remaining molecules boil in a similar range. As they are saturated molecules, our performance solvents do not interfere with any reaction or application. For an even higher performance we also offer our products with a purity of >99%.

Our range of 95% and 99% hydrocarbons offers a comprehensive selection of products that meet the highest purity and quality requirements.

The physical properties of these products are fine-tuned. The product line includes

  • aliphatic,
  • cyclic and
  • aromatic hydrocarbons with chain lengths ranging from C5 to C16.
C5 to C8 are of great importance for the pharmaceutical industry, especially n-heptane.

Hydrocarbons 95%


Learn more about our hydrocarbons with 95 % purity


Hydrocarbons 99%


Learn more about our hydrocarbons with 99 % purity



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Laboratories: Highest standards in quality & purity

Together with our production units, our laboratories form the heart of our company. The know-how and skills of our laboratory staff are the basis for customer-oriented solutions. Our employees at the Hamburg location analyse, test and evaluate in state-of-the-art laboratories in order to continuously offer our customers the highest quality standards.

Haltermann Carless Laboratory

This is reflected in the additional accreditation of our Hamburg laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025. This is particularly important for our customers in the pharmaceutical chemistry sector, where the highest standards of quality and purity must be maintained. This includes individually tailored specifications and mixtures in which, certain trace molecules are detected. We can also perform tests for oxygen-containing molecules such as ketones. We are aware of the special requirements and always strive to meet them, for example through regular internal and customer audits of globally leading companies and specialist manufacturers. We at Haltermann Carless see audits as opportunities to review and improve our quality processes. The positive results speak for themselves and ensure that we have been a reliable supplier and strong partner of many of our customers for decades. 

A further special feature, especially at our German locations, is the double quality check, which we carry out in our laboratories at the production site in Speyer as well as in Hamburg. This means that quality is checked during and after production as well as before delivery to the customer. In addition, there is the four-eye principle in the laboratory. The measured analysis results are checked by a second laboratory employee before the result is entered in the report.

LCD Production

Excursus: The production of LCD screens

The production of LCD screens places similarly high demands on the chemicals and solvents used as the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, such complicated electronic components are manufactured in clean rooms under almost clinical conditions. Dust, pollen or other contaminations would cause dark spots on the screen of a smartphone for example.

Other components such as printed circuit boards are also produced under particularly clean conditions. They must be cleaned again and again from flux, fingerprints and dust.

Our performance solvents with their extremely low evaporation residue offer an excellent alternative to fluorinated, chlorinated and aromatic solvents. 

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Delivery capability and flexibility in the supply chain

Delivery capability and flexibility in the field of transport and logistics have distinguished us for decades. Our worldwide distribution enables us to deliver our products in a wide variety of packaging types and according to individually tailored logistics requirements. We are able to do this thanks to our own loading stations, such as at our Speyer site, which

  • has its own jetty on the factory premises,
  • its own loading and unloading station for rail tank cars, and
  • a loading station for tank trucks and insulated containers. 

Our Hamburg site also has an efficient drumming plant which can process 200-litre containers as well as smaller containers.

Supply Chain Management

More about the services of Haltermann Carless

For generations, we have been offering tailor-made solutions to our customers and have thus established long-standing, close and trustful relationships with our business partners - from suppliers to customers. 

Our traditional values such as customer focusindividuality and future orientation are also consistently implemented in the area of supply chain. 

Learn more about our services!

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The production of high-purity hydrocarbons

In our production of extremely high-purity hydrocarbons, we comply with the world's most stringent production and quality standards. All our production sites are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 as part of our quality management system. Our products are manufactured "Made in Europe" and in the pharmaceutical industry "Made in Germany". For us, this also means maintaining our high standards and continuously investing in the future.

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Production site Speyer

We do this, for example, at the production site of Haltermann Carless in Speyer. Here our modern and flexible hydrogenation plant offers many opportunities to grow further in the future and to meet the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, for example. 

In the hydrogenation plant, the unsaturated carbon bonds contained in the raw material are converted into saturated ones by reaction with hydrogen. This allows new product types and products to be produced with a high degree of purity. The hydrogenation plant offers a further advantage in its high production flexibility, as it opens up new possibilities in the supply of raw materials. This contributes to the strategic stability of the business and to maintaining competitiveness on the international market.

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