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Aromatic Solvents for Fuel Additives

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Gasoline and diesel fuels are known for their high energy density and their qualities are optimised by fuel companies to maximise power output and fuel consumption. These fuels are brought to perfection for the respective application by various additives. Fuel additives play a major role in modern fuels, as the active molecules can further optimise and improve performance. To combine all these different molecules in one additive formulation, a strong solvent as carrier fluid is needed. For decades, fuel additive formulators rely on Haltermann Carless aromatic solvents to meet their needs.

Applications and dynamic market requirements

Fuel additives are used in

  • gasoline,
  • diesel,
  • aviation and marine fuels,
  • as well as in fuels for electricity generation and domestic heating.

As corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, detergents, cold-flow improvers, demulsifiers and friction modifiers, they offer a variety of positive effects for the performance and durability of an internal combustion engine.

Special aromatics for fuel additives


Daniel Jeffery
Senior Vice President – Special Aromatics


Sales Contacts

Silvo Ponten
Special Aromatics – Global exc. North America
Phone: +31 74 267 44 60
Mobile: +31 613 36 51 26
Bryan Schorr
Sales Manager – Special Aromatics, North America
Mobile: +1 314 704 60 04


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The market requirements for the fuel additive industry are changing rapidly and continuously due to: 

  • new legal regulations, 
  • regulations for new fuel specifications and
  • the resulting need for higher qualities

Innovations and the development of new additives are therefore often the focus of manufacturers and suppliers to meet the dynamic market needs. 

Haltermann Carless heavy aromatics are used as solvent and are especially suitable for critical ingredients. Our Caromax® aromatic solvents enable fuel additive formulators to develop innovative and tailor-made concepts of the future. In the end, it is their additives that transform the already high-quality basic fuel into today's high-tech product.


Haltermann Carless offers high-quality aromatic solvents for additive formulations allowing basic fuels to become high-tech products. 

Strong cooperation and joint developments

With competence and customer focus we develop tailor-made products for the different requirements of our customers. Our long-standing customers are confident of our high-quality aromatic solvents and enjoy customised specifications, meeting their needs.  

The development of safe and high-quality products that meet legal requirements and demonstrate high performance requires close cooperation, open dialogue, a strong commitment and the joint presentation of convincing products between oil refineries, raw material suppliers, the fuel additive industry and vehicle and engine manufacturers.

Solvents for fuel additives

Haltermann Carless has over 70 years of experience in the field of fuels and aromatic solvents and is continuously working on new solutions together with its customers. We are therefore open to joint research and development programs that cover legislative, ecological or formulation challenges of the future.

Advantages for fuel additive formulators: 

  • Tailor-made, aromatic C10 and C12 solvents 
  • High purity and consistent solvent quality
  • Professional and fast laboratory analyses
  • Technical support for product development
  • Comprehensive expertise in production and sales
  • Continuous, smooth production 
  • In-time and qualified transport in compliance with all safety regulations
  • More than 70 years experience in the production of Caromax® aromatic solvents


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Did you know?

Haltermann Carless has always had a strong connection to the automotive industry. At the end of the 19th century the Carless fuel "Petrol" was used by the majority of motorists in Great Britain.

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Caromax® aromatic solvents for bespoke additive formulations

Caromax®: Aromatic solvents for tailor-made additive formulations

Haltermann Carless offers tailor-made aromatic solvent for additive formulators. We have been producing our Caromax® heavy aromatics for over 70 years. Caromax® 20 and 28 are used in a wide range of applications, for example as an solvent to protect active ingredients in emulsified concentrates for fuel additives, among other things. All these grades with low napthalene (LN, upto 1%) and extra low naphthalene (XLN, upto 0.01%) content.

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Caromax® aromatic solvents

Our Caromax® hydrocarbons act as a carrier fluid for bespoke additive formulation with the following requirement profile:

  • Stable quality from batch to batch
  • High solubility for additive molecules, such as surfactant and extreme pressure additives
  • Long-term storage stability
  • Stability throughout temperature fluctuations

Advantages of Caromax® aromatic solvents for the formulation of fuel additives:

Our Caromax® aromatic solvents are especially suitable for critical ingredients such as defoamers, demulsifiers and corrosion and fouling inhibitors, octane and cetane improvers, extreme pressure and cold-flow additives.

Advantages of our solvents:

  • Excellent solubility property
  • High product stability
  • Consistently high quality with an aromatic purity of 99 % and more
  • Broad portfolio including extra low naphthalene grades

We offer our customers in the fuel additive industry qualities with low naphthalene content (Caromax® LN) and extra low naphthalene content (Caromax® XLN) to meet strict regulatory requirements for certain end products and sensitive formulations:

  • Caromax® 20
  • Caromax® 20 LN
  • Caromax® 20 XLN
  • Caromax® 28
  • Caromax® 28 LN
  • Caromax® 28 XLN


CAS Number:

  • C12 - CAS No. 64742-94-5
  • C10 - CAS No. 64742-94-5
Haltermann Carless-Graphic Caromax Heavy Aromatics_en

The Caromax® heavy aromatic solvents are produced at the Haltermann Carless factory in Harwich. The plant is certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

haltermann carless certificates


Quality assurance is important to us and our business partners, which is why we attach particular importance to our certificates.

Click here to see all Haltermann Carless certificates:

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High-performance additives for improved environmental compatibility

At the beginning of the 1970s, exhaust emission limits were introduced, which made the automotive industry change engine concepts. The improved and therefore more demanding combustion made it necessary to avoid residues at various parts of the engine. This was achieved by using special surfactant additives. In view of the further development of engines, it is important to ensure full cleanliness even under tougher conditions. The improved cleanliness is reflected in a lower liability towards repairs, an improvement in exhaust emissions and a reduction in fuel consumption. 

However, changes due to environmental regulations are not only to be found in the automotive industry. This also applies to other vessels with internal combustion engines. For example, ships are subject to much stricter environmental requirements from 1st of January 2020. They will be only allowed to use fuels containing a maximum of 0.5% sulfur. Fuel consumption numbers must also be disclosed.

sustainability fuel additives

Additives and the important carrier solvents play an important role in the implementation of legal requirements and actively contribute to improving the environmental performance of internal combustion engines.


Sustainability is a decisive part of Haltermann Carless' corporate culture, to which we have felt responsible for generations. Together with our customers, suppliers and employees we want to develop and manufacture products in an environmentally friendly way, use resources in the best possible way and thus offer sustainable solutions. We are therefore working on many future projects that will make our products even more environmentally friendly. 

What counts for Haltermann Carless is a consistently high quality and excellent product properties such as low naphthalene values and good solubility features. This means that the effectiveness must unfold freely in the various fuel types as well as in the most diverse combustion engines under all operating conditions. Harmful side effects have to be avoided. Product quality, effectiveness and environmental benefits shall go hand in hand.


Fuel additives require high quality solvents to work and thus improve their environmental performance.

Gold award for commitment to sustainability

ecovadis 2021

EcoVadis has rewarded our sustainability approach that we embody every day at our production and operation sites. They have evaluated the sustainability efforts of companies worldwide. Haltermann Carless (under the HCS Group company) is among the top five percent of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis and has been awarded Gold status.


Our special focus is on projects on sustainable feeds and products, improved working practices, ethics and sustainable procurement, as well as new processes and infrastructure focused on energy savings.

You can read more about our sustainability strategy and how we also contribute to environmental protection with other products here.

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Our laboratories: The heart of our quality assurance

Our customers require fast and accurate analysis, which we can reliably deliver with our modern laboratory at our Harwich site. We consistently check the quality of our aromatic solvents directly on site during the production process and also afterwards. The advanced laboratory equipment ensures that we are able to provide short-term feedback on individual customer requests for special analyses and to keep our high quality promise.

Haltermann Carless Laboratory Harwich

Our highly qualified employees and the modern equipment in our laboratories ensure that our customers in the fuel additive industry are guaranteed consistently high product quality:

  • Close quality control from batch to batch
  • Measurement of density, flame and aniline point, cold-flow behaviour (e.g. Pour Point, CFPP), distillation profiles and vapour pressure
  • Instruments and wet chemical techniques for relevant ASTM and IP methods
  • Extensive skills and know-how in gas chromatography (GC/FI, headspace, GC/MS, thermal desorption, reformulyzer, PIONA, HPLC), elemental analysis techniques (atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, atomic fluorescence) and spectroscopy (FTIR, UV-Vis)

Haltermann Carless offers its customers extensive expertise
for a wide range of today's and tomorrow's requirements.


Our more than 70 years of expertise with Caromax® aromatic solvents for fuel additives enables us to deliver consistent quality and to respond to our customers' individual formulation requirements in the same way. But we are also always looking to the future: we are therefore open to joint research and development programs that are geared to the legislative, ecological or formulation challenges of the future.

haltermann carless commitment

Commitment and focus on the future

Looking ahead is our driving force for a strong involvement in various associations at European level such as SIA (Solvent Industry Associations), ESIG (European Solvent Industry Group) and HSPA (Hydrocarbon Solvents Producer Associations). We want to recognise trends early and actively shape them, as well as collaborate on improvements and regulations. Our customers in the fuel additives sector also benefit from this engagement.
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Worldwide distribution of Caromax® aromatic solvents for fuel additives

Aromatic solvents for fuel additives - worldwide distribution

We see sustainability potential in our products, but also in many other areas of our company. In recent years, we have made important investments at our production site in Harwich, UK, to improve sustainability and energy efficiency. Significant process improvements have been made at our production units to reduce the energy consumption of our processes to significantly reduce the carbon footprint per tonne of Caromax® produced on the other.

haltermann carless supply chain management

Harwich is an important production site within the Haltermann Carless group. Here we produce C10 and C12 aromatics and supply our customers with a strong, strategically located site, committed and highly qualified employees, modern facilities and professional laboratories, as well as extensive services for all aspects of our high-quality aromatics.

From here, we export our high-quality aromatic solvents Caromax® to additive manufacturers all over the world. Thanks to our ideal location directly at the port, we can ensure timely delivery within Europe in 5 days. This allows a high degree of flexibility in production planning. In order to be able to meet our promised delivery times even in remote areas, we have additional storage capacity in North America and as well as in Europe.

We work together with qualified forwarders and carriers who are able to guarantee proper transport in compliance with all safety regulations. Our special aromatic solvents are distributed according to customer requirements in various packaging sizes, such as drums, IBCs or in tank containers.

Haltermann Carless Harwich
production site harwich

© HCS Group

Advantages of Harwich production site:

  • Continuous operation 24 hours and 365 days a year
  • Experienced, highly qualified staff with 100 employees 
  • Extensively equipped laboratories that perform a wide range of analytical tests
  • High-precision in-tank mixing of several components to meet customer specifications
  • Jetty facility that can accommodate ships with a displacement of up to 14,000 t and a draught of 7.5 m
  • 170 storage tanks with a size from 12 m3 to 15.000 m3. A total storage capacity of 150,000 m3 and heated storage can be provided.
  • Pack filling for 25 and 50 litre containers, 200 litre drums and 1000 litre IBCs
  • ISO tank and tanker filling.
  • Certification according to ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 45001, to ensure the health and safety of our employees



For detailed information about Harwich, please visit our site page

Production Site Harwich

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