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Aromatic Solvents

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Aromatic Solvents – 70 years of expertise 

Aromatic solvents play an important role in a wide variety of applications in specialty chemicals industry. Demonstrating excellent solvency power and high flash points, they are available with low VOC and low naphthalene levels.

Haltermann Carless has been manufacturing heavy aromatics solvents under the Caromax® brand  for over 70 years. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, technical expertise and strong focus on customer requirements we are a global market leader in this field. 

Caromax® Portfolio 

Our Caromax® product range includes solvents based on C10 and C12 aromatics. We offer variety of different heavy aromatic solvent grades to the global market, so that strict legal requirements can be met at any time. Our Caromax® LN (Low Naphthalene) has up to 0.9% naphthalene while our Caromax® XLN (Extra Low Naphthalene) has up to 0.01% naphthalene content.


For our customers we offer the following products:

  • Caromax® 20

  • Caromax® 20 LN

  • Caromax® 20 XLN

  • Caromax® 28
  • Caromax® 28 LN
  • Caromax® 28 XLN
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Daniel Jeffery
Senior Vice President – Special Aromatics


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Silvo Ponten
Sales Manager, Global excl. North America
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Bryan Schorr
Sales Manager, North America
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You can find more product information in our media library:

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Applications and Markets

Heavy aromatic solvents are used in a multitude of applications because of their special properties such as the very good solvency or high flash point, which makes handling very safe. Caromax® is used applications such as agrochemicals, oilfield chemistry, coatings fuel additives and detergent manufacture.

Caromax® 20 and 28 are used in a wide range of applications and respond to critical market requirements, such as: 

  • Excellent solvency properties
  • High product stability
  • Consistently high quality with aromatic purity of 99 % and above
  • Grades with extra low naphthalene content
  • Tailor-made specifications

Caromax® heavy aromatics play an important role in the following industries:


Our Caromax® grades are supplied to the global agrochemicals industry, as a carrier fluid, in Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) and Oil Dispersant (OD) formulations. Available in low and extra low naphthalene grades, we can cater to a variety of solvent needs. They comply with global regulatory requirements and have a wide range of approvals globally with many agrochemical producers.

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Fuel Additives

Our Caromax® aromatic solvents act as a carrier fluid for bespoke additive formulations. They are especially suited for critical ingredients such as defoamers, demulsifiers and corrosion and fouling inhibitors, octane and cetane improvers, extreme pressure and cold-flow additive leading to a positive effect on the performance and durability of an internal combustion engine.

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Oilfield Chemicals

Production chemicals are a key player in oil field applications and our Caromax® grades provide the ideal solvency matrix for this. We supply to proprietary oilfield chemical formulators of corrosion inhibitors, detergent packages and flow improvers for protecting oil field assets.

oilfield cheicals aromatic solvents


Aromatics are universal solvents for components of a paint or coating. Therefore, they are ideally suited for bringing together resin, additives, pigments and colorants in one formulation. The application of these paints mostly extends to the professional, industrial sector.

coatings aromatic solvents

This is why you get our Caromax® products in best quality

Strong, sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers have enabled us to grow into a global, reliable producer of heavy aromatics. Our customers value our high product quality and services such as:

Harwich laboratories aromatic solvents



We ensure our consistently high product quality with our highly qualified employees and the modern equipment in our laboratories at our Harwhich production site. Our customers can rely on our quality promise.

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Harwich Supply chain aromatic solvents

Supply Chain

With storage and sales offices in both Europe and the US, we are able to deliver our products anywhere in the world to meet our customers' needs.

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Development aromatic solvents

Research & Development

We are always interested in joint research and development projects aimed at future challenges in legislation, environmental protection and formulations.

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consulting aromatic solvents


Close and trusting cooperation with customers is a prerequisite for us to develop customised aromatic solvent formulations.

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Engagement aromatic solvents


With our involvement in expert networks, committees and associations such as SIA (Solvent Industry Associations), ESIG (European Solvent Industry Group) and HSPA (Hydrocarbon Solvents Producer Associations), we are very close to trends and developments.

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Certification and Regulatory Affairs


Our Caromax® products have full registrations worldwide, including from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Pest Management Regulatory Agency Canada, (PMRA), allowing them to be used in crop protection. 

Our products are fully registered in EU - EINECS/ELINCS, Canada - DSL/NDSL, US - TSCA, Australia - AICS Korea - KECI, China - IECSC, Philippines – PICCS, New Zealand - NZIOC and Taiwan - TSCI.

All our aromatic solvents are fully REACH and UK-REACH registered.  

Our production site in Harwich is certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 45001, for ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

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