Product Overview

Haltermann Carless Product Overview (EN)


Haltermann Carless Company Presentation

Haltermann Carless Company Presentation (2021)



Product brochures


Middle Distillates

Low Aromatic Middle Distillates offered with new Hydrogenation Unit (EN)


Printing Ink Distillates

PKWF, Paraset and Printosol Printing Ink Distillates (EN)


Low-viscosity base oils: Pilot®-Oils

Pilot Oils Product Overview (EN)

Pilot Oils for Silicone Sealants (EN)

Pilot Oils for Metalworking Lubricants (EN)

Pilot Oils for Concrete Demoulding Oils Bitumen Emulsions (EN)

Pilot Oils for Aluminium Rolling (EN)

Pilot Oils for Additives (EN)


ECO Base Products

Renewable: ECO Base Fluids 2426 (EN)

Renewable: ECO Base Fluids 2628 (EN)

Renewable: ECO Base Fluids 2830 (EN)


Oil & Gas Products

Oil & Gas Products (EN)



Pentanes (n-, iso-, Cyclopentane) (EN)


Performance Fuels

Performance Fuels Product Range (EN)

Test- & Calibration Fuels (EN)

Legistlated Emission Fuels (EN)

Legistlated Emission Fuels (JP)

First Fill Fuels (EN)

First Fill Fuels (JP)

Calibration Fluids (EN)

Calibration Fluids (JP)

Fuel Business Services (Blending, Testing, Supply Chain) (EN)

Aerospace Fuels (EN)

Aerospace Fuels (JP)

Bespoke Services (EN)

Bespoke Services (JP)

Hiperflo Racing Fuels (EN)


Performance Solvents

Hydrocarbons 95% High Purity Solvents (EN)

Hydrocarbons 99% High Purity Solvents (EN)


Special Aromatics

Caromax Heavy Aromatics (EN)