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Printing Ink Distillates
& Test Oils

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Base Oils

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Paraffinic Solvents

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Middle Distillates - high quality for a wide range of applications

Due to their different compositions of molecules, middle distillate cuts have very diverse characteristics. Their differences in boiling range, viscosity or flow properties, mean that middle distillates cover a wide range of applications with individual performance. With our many years of expertise in the production of high-quality middle distillates, we are ideally equipped to meet the special requirements of different industries and sectors.

Low-viscosity Base Oils

Low-viscosity base oils with narrow boiling cuts are further processed in industry to produce a wide range of specialty products.

Our matching products: Pilot® Oils

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Printing Ink Distillates & Test Oils

The printing ink industry relies on printing ink distillates with low aromatic content and test oils as a reference for highest quality standards.

Our matching products: PKWF®, Paraset® and Printosol®

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Paraffinic Solvents

High-purity paraffinic solvents are a high-performance alternative to traditional solvents. They are characterized by reliable performance and low environmental impact.

Our matching product: Halpasol®

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Ecobase Products

In addition to the technically excellent conventional base oils, three product variants based on renewable raw materials are also available.

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René Tessmann

Senior Vice President
Business Unit Industrial


Sales Contact

Jan Boerrigter
Commercial Manager Europe & RoW

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Mobile: + 31 620449092


Timo Parlowski

Commercial Manager North America
Phone: +1 (281) 331 8219 161
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Middle Distillates Applications

Versatile applications & consistently high quality

The applications for middle distillates are broad, and their production requires special expertise and many years of experience. After all, obtaining the optimal product for the respective application requires modern technology, professional employees, high quality standards and a great deal of know-how about the right composition of all-important product characteristics - this is how we create a high-performance portfolio that has been convincing our customers for decades.

middle distillates application

Low-viscosity Base Oils for

  • Silicone Sealants
  • Lubricants
  • Metalworking
  • Rolling Oils
  • Mould Release Oils
  • Additives

Printing Ink Distillates & Test Oils for 

  • Heatset Printing
  • Sheet-fed Offset Printing
  • Coldset Printing

Paraffinic Solvents for

  • Solvents and Degreasers
  • Cold Cleaners
  • Lamp Oils
  • Security Printing Inks
  • Special Extraction processes

Ecobase Products for

  • Base oils
  • Metal Rolling oils
  • Metalworking oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Printing Ink oils

Product benefits due to investment in modern hydrogenation technology

Our hydrogenation unit in Speyer

Haltermann Carless is actively shaping the future - for even higher product quality, for stable security of supply, and for greater sustainability

The modern hydrogenation plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enables us to offer a middle distillate portfolio with improved characteristics, such as reduced aromatics content, and to manufacture novel products and processes in an even more environmentally friendly way. The German Speyer site - located in the center of Europe - offers the best conditions for this with its own logistics infrastructure, laboratories and a highly qualified and motivated team. This enables us to provide our worldwide customers with the best possible service.

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hydrierung speyer

Our Middle Distillates Product Range

Low-viscosity Base OilsLow-viscosity base oils

Under the Pilot® brand, we market low-viscosity base oils
with narrow boiling ranges. They are further processed
within industry into a wide range of specialty products,
including lubricants, silicone sealants, metalworking fluids,
rolling oils or extenders. They are also used for paper processing
and water treatment.

Each individual Pilot® oil is produced from specially selected
raw materials using specific refining processes and offers a
combination of best properties for the respective application.
All grades have been developed in close cooperation with our customers.

The oils meet all regulatory criteria of the industry they are used within and convince with their technical properties such as solution behavior, extreme temperature resistance, variable viscosities as well as an outstanding, defined boiling behavior. Pilot® oils offer formulators broad choices for use in highly concentrated additive packages. These include, for example, low aromatics content, high flash point, very good low-temperature behavior or good solvency power.

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Printing ink distillates

Printing Ink Distillates (PID)

Under the PKWF®, Paraset® and Printosol® brands, we market an extensive product portfolio of high-quality Printing Ink Oils, each tailored to specific areas of application. As a leading manufacturer of Printing Ink Distillates, we offer a selection with various combinations of properties to meet the respective requirements for individual formulations used in heatset, sheetfed offset and coldset applications. 

In the future, hydrogenation will also enable us to offer our Printing Ink Oils virtually free of aromatics and thus respond to changing customer needs.

Test Oils

Together with leading manufacturers of resins and ink oils, we have developed specific Test Oils in the boiling range from 260 °C to 290 °C based on the Eurocommit working group. Our Test Oils are approved and used for measuring the precipitation temperature or determining the varnish viscosity. As reference materials, they enable uniform standards for quality control of printing ink resins, both by the manufacturer during production and by the end-user.

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Paraffinic Solventspipetting-sample_GettyImages-482185539_L_1100x620px_200508

Our Halpasol® products are a high-performance alternative to traditional solvents. They feature reliable performance, low environmental impact, and find a wide range of uses as solvents and degreasers, cold cleaners, lamp oils, for security inks and for special extraction processes.

The Halpasol® product line is based on selected petrochemical raw materials that are processed into solvents with low aromatic content and odour. The n-paraffinic products are extremely mild in terms of odour and offer excellent solvent properties. The iso-paraffinic line includes stronger solvents with similar properties for man and the environment.

Technical information

Ecobase PortfolioECO Base products

Versatile applications in the industrial, health and food sectors use our specially developed sustainable products based on vegetable oils or other renewable raw materials. Through hydroisomerization and subsequent refinements, we offer these high-quality products. Our portfolio also includes base oils with low aromatic content. 

Technical advantages and a reduction in the CO2 footprint are the benefits of our Ecobase products: Compared with products made from fossil base materials, 1.6 to 3.0 kilograms of CO2 can be saved with each kilogram of our Ecobase oils. In this way, we support our customers in making their processes and applications more effective and reducing their global warming potential.

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Technical information

Service & Consulting – what you can expect from us

Haltermann Carless places particular emphasis on the areas that have distinguished the company for more than 160 years. These include, above all, proximity to customers, long-term cooperation based on trust, and customized individual services.

For our Middle Distillate customers this means 

Quality assurance through 

  • modern technology, in particular through the new hydrogenation process, 
  • our qualified laboratories on site and 
  • permanent further education and training of our employees.

Delivery promise through 

  • a comprehensive infrastructure with our own jetty at the plant site, our own loading and unloading stations for rail tank cars and loading point for tank trucks, as well as 
  • customized transport and packaging solutions.

Special service by 

  • needs-based testing and analysis methods, 
  • solution-oriented approaches for high-performance products, and 
  • individual formulations.


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Certificates & REACH – proof of our high quality standard

haltermann carless certificatesOur quality promise is also reflected in our successful certifications:

  • ISO 9001 for our quality management
  • ISO 14001 for our environmental management 
  • ISO 50001 for our energy management
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation DAkkS for our laboratory in Hamburg, Germany
  • Ecovadis Gold award, in recognition of our responsible and sustainable actions
  • ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS certification


Everything about our commitments can be found here.


To provide our customers with consistently high quality standards, we rely on decades of experience and expertise, our modern technology, our qualified processes and our quality-assuring laboratories. Our middle distillates are of course all REACH registered

Consultation REACH

Learn more about our commitmenthaltermann carless engagement

Through regular education and training, we not only ensure our high level of expertise, but are also always informed about trends and current developments. We are actively involved in expert committees and associations in order to shape future topics, regulations and changes. 

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