Product Line Overview

Our products provide solutions for the oil & gas industry in the reliable evacuation of side streams which are then subsequently processed into a variety of standard petrochemical products.

At the heart of the business lies our dedicated condensate processing operation working alongside North Sea gas producers to ensure uninterrupted gas flows through the reliable and flexible evacuation of associated condensates.

We’ve been working with the upstream industry for over 50 years and we are extremely proud of our unblemished record of condensate removal over this time. More recently, we’ve started to work with many of the oil majors to assist in their product distribution operations through the reliable and fair value removal of interface volumes.



The Oil and Gas Product Range

We have a world-class laboratory and technical team who apply their expertise at all stages of our processes; enabling the handling of common contaminants (mercury, methanol, water) and in maximising value from feedstock streams. This allows us to have an uninterrupted collection of condensate and mixed hydrocarbon streams, even in the event of specification changes or contaminations.

The company welcomes small, one off cargoes but is also willing to enter into long term purchase arrangements where producers are guaranteed fair product value.

Our Oil & Gas products process unicque grades of condensate, light crude and mixed hydrocarbon products and has the flexibility to take them in by ship, rail or road. The finished products are offered in drums, IBC and bulk deliveries by road, rail and sea.

We’re a reliable team who maximise and share value that is generated with our supplier. Our business is about building strong partnerships with our customers, growing a relationship that lasts years, even decades.

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Recycled Insulating Oils and Transformer Maintenance

With our insulating oil services, we make an important contribution to the circular economy and help industrial companies and power utilities significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Power utilities need cost-effective and sustainable solutions to maintain the performance of transformers, increase their service life and ensure a secure power supply. Increasingly, transformer oil recycling and insulating oil maintenance are playing an important role in this. We support network operators in meeting the requirements with regard to the circular economy. This brings benefits for companies and the environment. Click here to learn more about our services, which we offer under the Electrical Oil Services (EOS) brand

Burning Oils

Our burning oils include a range of kerosene products designed for home and commercial use.

These products have variable char values and sulphur contents to suit different burning applications. All our fuels have low sulphur levels and high flash points, making them safer to store and cleaner to use. They can be supplied ex-rack from our refinery in Harwich, or delivered by bulk tankers throughout the UK.

C1 kerosene, often referred to as Premium Paraffin, is a high quality extremely clean burning kerosene suitable for internal use in heaters. Our C1 kerosene meets BS2869 Class C1 and contains chemical markers in accordance with Customs and Excise requirements.

C2 kerosene is a regular grade kerosene, often referred to as 28 second burning oil, refined to a very high quality giving it good burning properties. It is ideal for domestic heating appliances with clean burning characteristics, high heat output and maximum economy. C2 kerosene meets BS2869 Class C2 and contains chemical markers in accordance with Customs and Excise requirements.

High flash kerosene (HFK) is a high flash kerosene, ideally suited for industrial heating applications where a higher flash point is of importance. Its uses range from drying air heaters to large industrial boiler plants.




We’re a major supplier of naphtha to the European pet-chem and refining industries for ethylene production, reforming and gasoline blending.

Our product is supplied with variable paraffin contents, but always with low mercury (<5ppb) and low levels of oxygenates (<100ppm).



White Spirit 

Our White Spirit and Clairsol 310 are speciality kerosene grades with good evaporation and solvency characteristics.

White spirit is produced with an aromatic content between 10% and 25% providing good solvency, whereas Clairsol 310 is a de-aromatised grade providing flexibility where a lower aromatic content is needed.

White Spirit and Clairsol 310 are supplied primarily into paints, cleaning products, timber treatment and degreasing applications


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