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Assuring the quality of heavy aromatics: The Haltermann Carless laboratory

Sep 24, 2020 , Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Assuring the quality of aromatics

Heavy aromatic solvents are frequently used in the formulation of insecticides and other agrochemical products. They must be safe, easy to handle, effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sound. The quality of heavy aromatics is therefore a key criterion for manufacturers when choosing the right supplier. You can read about the contribution of our laboratories to the quality assurance of aromatics in this article.

Excursus: Important product properties of heavy aromatic solvents

Heavy aromatics are characterized by their excellent solvency power and inertness. They have a high flash point and are therefore safe to use in this respect.

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What do manufacturers of agrochemical products expect from heavy aromatic solvents?

Producers of agrochemical formulations have high demands on the quality of heavy aromatics. Only a few companies worldwide are able to reliably supply the required quality and constantly monitor it. For decades, Haltermann Carless has been a trusted supplier in this field. The development work done daily at our UK laboratory for heavy aromatic solvents in Harwich plays a key role in this.

The entire production process, starting with the selection of raw materials through processing, storage and delivery, is monitored on quality and composition by us in detail. Our experienced staff tests and controls the chemical and physical composition of our Caromax® heavy aromatic solvents from batch to batch to ensure you always receive a consistently high product quality. 


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With these 4 steps Haltermann Carless ensures the high quality of heavy aromatic solvents:


1. Extensive analyses in our own laboratory

Long before a shipment of raw material reaches our refinery in Harwich, UK, a sample is received in advance for lab analysis. When the raw material arrives, it is compared with the pre-shipment sample. If all is ok, the cargo is released for production. All analysis is carried out internally at our modern laboratory specialised in hydrocarbons. The material is checked not only for physical characteristics, but also in detail for its chemical composition and aromatic purity.


2. Ensuring reproducibility

Particular attention is paid to the reproducibility of the test data generated at the Harwich laborartory. The analytical instruments are calibrated weekly, and additionally checked for comparability by collecting statistical data over a longer period of time.


3. Separate distillation column prevents contamination

A team of experts plans the production of the various cuts and products based on the internal composition and the sales forecast provided by the commercial team. The products most in demand are based on C10 or C12 aromatics. Distillation takes place exclusively in a column suitable for such raw materials. The carefully executed distillation also allows heavy aromatic products with a low (up to 1%) or extra low naphthalene content (up to 0.01%).


4. Continuous in-process and final control

A further step towards high quality products is the in-process control of selected parameters and the final inspection by the laboratory. Here, the tank is initially sealed after production and samples are taken from the top, middle and bottom areas. If the results demonstrate a homogenized and in spec quality, the production batch is released for sale. 



High purity and consistently high solvent quality is of great importance in the formulation of insecticides and other agrochemical products. Haltermann Carless has been an important manufacturer and supplier of heavy aromatic solvents for the agricultural industry for more than 70 years. With extensive analyses in our own laboratory, in-process controls and final inspections, we continuously ensure the best quality of heavy aromatics.


Did you know?

Haltermann Carless can offer you heavy aromatic solvents in drums, IBCs and in bulk in ship or tank containers.


We are happy to advise you on aromatic solvents for the agrarchemicals. Please contact us!

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Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Suwanie Thakrar joined Haltermann Carless in 2014. As Technical Services & Development Manager, her expertise covers Special Aromatics, Middle Distillates and Gas Condensates for the various industries such as agrochemicals, construction and industrial oils. The development of new products, applications, and designing tailor-made solutions for customer requirements are her main activities alongside providing technical support to our core customer base. T +44 1372 380493 Email


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