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Advantages of aromatic solvents for agrochemicals

Mar 23, 2023 6:00:58 PM , Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Advantages of heavy aromatic solvents for agrochemicals

High purity and tailor-made solvents are crucial for the agrochemical industry. Aromatic solvents must meet the highest standards and guarantee quality in agrochemical applications enabling high crop yields while at the same time offering the highest possible protection of the environment. Haltermann Carless provides an optimised portfolio for the industry and, in addition, a wide range of services.


Agricultural industry in transition

The agricultural industry is facing major challenges: A growing global population with an increasing demand for food, feed and crops, combined with global unrest and climate change, resulting in flooding or drought. Modern agriculture relies on the latest techniques and agrochemicals to increase the quality of crop yields and crops.

Innovative crop protection products must be:

  • safe and easy to use for users and consumers
  • effective in application
  • cost-effective
  • environmentally sound

In line with our close cooperation with our customers, recurring themes such as 

  • consistently high quality
  • process reliability
  • stability of agrochemical formulations   

are among the most important requirements of agrochemical companies.


High demands on aromatic solvents

At Haltermann Carless, we know about the special requirements for crop protection products. For more than 70 years we have been an important manufacturer and supplier of aromatic solvents for agrochemicals, which we market under the Caromax® brand. Our portfolio, based on C10 and C12 hydrocarbons, supports agricultural companies in the development of effective products to protect plants and crops. 

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Haltermann Carless offers bespoke Caromax® crop protection formulations

Close and trusting cooperation with customers is the prerequisite for the development of tailor-made aromatic solvent formulations that are precisely matched to the respective active ingredient (AI). Thanks to our years of product development, we can offer you a highly specialised portfolio of Caromax® grades with optimised properties - for improved product performance, cost efficiency and environmental compatibility.


Advantages of Haltermann Carless C10 and C12 aromatic solvents for agrochemicals:

  • Aromatic purity of more than 99 %
  • Low and extra low naphthalene content – Caromax® LN and Caromax® XLN - help to further protect users and the environment.
  • Excellent solubility properties of Caromax® allow its use in even the most sensitive agrochemical formulations. 
  • Long-term stability for active ingredients (AI) turn our heavy aromatics into sought-after quality products.


-> Technical data of Caromax® aromatic solvents

Reliable and certified production of Caromax® aromatic solvents

The majority of our Caromax® products are used in the development and production of emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and oil dispersions (OD) formulations of  agrochemicals. Important contributors here are the continuous availability of products and professional laboratories that continuously ensure consistently high quality. 

Haltermann Carless meets global regulatory requirements and holds a large number of approvals from many agrochemical manufacturers worldwide. Our Caromax® aromatic solvents are registered and approved by the EPA, PMRA and fully REACH registered. 


Did you know?

Haltermann Carless aromatic solvents are produced for more than 70 years in our ISO-certified plant in Harwich, UK, and are shipped worldwide. Our production site is certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. 


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360° Service - Our services for your success

At Haltermann Carless we always put customers first. For this reason, we offer our customers a wide range of services. Our 360° Service includes: 



Close customer and supplier relationships make Haltermann Carless a reliable manufacturer of C10 and C12 aromatics - worldwide. With more than 70 years of experience in the production of aromatic solvents for the agricultural industry, we focus on joint product development, highest quality standards, consistent formulations and the continuous development of our products for even more safety and environmental protection.


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Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Suwanie Thakrar joined Haltermann Carless in 2014. As Technical Services & Development Manager, her expertise covers Special Aromatics, Middle Distillates and Gas Condensates for the various industries such as agrochemicals, construction and industrial oils. The development of new products, applications, and designing tailor-made solutions for customer requirements are her main activities alongside providing technical support to our core customer base. T +44 1372 380493 Email


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