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ISCC in the chemical industry: Mass balance products and their benefits

Mar 15, 2024 , Author: Sandra Sparenberg


Sustainable management and production are now central components of many corporate organisations in the chemical industry. However, there are also challenges associated with this - particularly in the area of transparency of raw material properties and implementation in production processes. Traceability and recognised certifications play an important role here. Find out here how this can be achieved with mass balance products and ISCC PLUS certification.

The chemical industry has been moving towards greater sustainability for some time now. After all, it is the basis for an infinite number of everyday products and at the same time an innovative solution provider for areas such as pharmceuticals, nutrition, mobility and climate protection. Sustainability strategies with and in the chemical industry are therefore important and necessary components of sustainable development in most of the world's nations that want to become climate-neutral by 2050.

Sustainable transformation in industry through mass balance products

The mass balance approach is an important step on the road to a bioeconomy. On the one hand, it provides an answer to the increasing market demand for CO2-reduced products and, on the other, it enables the industry to gradually switch to a fully comprehensive bioeconomy in terms of processes and production.


Mass balance products = CO2-reduced products

The advantages of the mass balance process are that sustainable raw materials can be fed in without modifying the production process and the sustainability properties can be clearly assigned to the corresponding end products.

Further advantages of mass balance products:

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions:
    Products with the mass balance approach contribute to greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reductions. 

  • Easy implementation:
    As drop-in solutions, alternative raw materials can be easily integrated into existing production processes.

  • Consistent quality:
    Customers are assured of a consistently high quality that is comparable to conventional products.

  • Reliable downstream processing:
    Mass balance products can be further processed under the same conditions.

  • Focus on own climate targets:
    By using alternative raw materials, companies improve their environmental footprint. 

  • Traceable and verifiable:
    ISCC PLUS certification enables traceability along the entire supply chain as well as verification of specific environmental and social standards.

How are mass balance products manufactured?

In the mass balance process, renewable feedstock is introduced to the production process and further processed together with fossil raw materials. The result is a physically mixed product. From a bookkeeping perspective the renewable share can be allocated to selected products.


Mass balance approach: Certification and transparency build trust

Transparency across the entire supply chain - this is what customers expect from mass-balanced products. Confidence is particularly important when it comes to calculating the allocation. The independent and globally recognised → ISCC PLUS certification offers verified assurance through valid, reliable and transparent data.


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Mass balance products and ISCC PLUS work hand in hand

The entire supply and production chain is being focused towards a sustainable circular economy. The chemical company Haltermann Carless, the world's largest manufacturer of Cyclopentanes, has already obtained ISCC PLUS certification and offers the market certified → mass-balanced n-Pentane, iso-Pentane, Cyclopentane and Pentan-blends in any mixing ratio.


Read more about mass balance products in the following artcles:



Mass balance products offer many advantages, first and foremost clear savings in CO2 emissions and a cost-efficient option for the transformation to a bioeconomy. ISSC PLUS certification plays an important role here, as it guarantees an independent assessment based on valid key figures. 


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Topics: Sustainability, Pentanes, Insulation

Author: Sandra Sparenberg

Author: Sandra Sparenberg

Sandra Sparenberg is Head of Corporate & Marketing Communications at HCS Group and is responsible for the company's strategic communications, including press relations and sales communications for the Haltermann Carless, ETS Racing Fuels and Electrical Oil Services (EOS) brands. One focus of her work is the development of online communications and Inbound Marketing. T +49 69 695 386 117 E-mail


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