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Water treatment: New Pilot® oils for flocculants

Mar 1, 2024 , Dr. André Rosehr


Flocculation is an important process in wastewater treatment plants. Various flocculants are used in this process. They are responsible for causing solids to agglomerate into larger clusters so that they can be better separated from the water to be purified. Haltermann Carless now offers new low-viscosity base oils for water treatment. As a carrier fluid for polyacrylamide emulsions, Pilot® H products are characterised by their technical improvements and, above all, by their low aromatic content and biodegradability. Find out more about the advantages of our new Pilot® oils for flocculants.


Pilot® oils support flocculants in their central task of water treatment

Water treatment has the simple goal of removing unwanted impurities from the water - but behind this are complex processes and procedures. This is because removing particularly fine, dissolved and suspended substances is a multi-stage, interlinked chemical process. Flocculation plays a central role in this process.

  • Often, flocculants are first added to bring together individual colloidal particles to form larger aggregates or agglomerates (coagulation). Iron (III) salts, aluminium sulphate or sodium aluminate, among others, are used.

  • In order to achieve even better separation of the flocs, flocculants are used, for example based on polyacrylamides, which combine the flocs into larger and heavier units. This results in faster settling. Flocculants act as "accelerators" here.


Pilot® oils are convincing in polymer flocculants

In addition to dosing expertise, a flocculation process also requires particularly high-quality products. This leads to greater efficiency and cost savings, for example when polyacrylamides are added in-line as an emulsion and can thus accelerate the water treatment process.

Haltermann Carless offers a modern portfolio of low-viscosity base oils. As carrier fluids for polyacrylamide emulsions, the new Pilot® H oils offer formulators of water treatment chemicals optimum properties.

Pilot® oils for flocculants fulfil all regulatory criteria and provide excellent technical properties:

  • High purity
  • Colourless and odourless
  • Low aromatic content
  • Chemically inert
  • Excellent dissolving behaviour
  • Flash points >70 °C and defined boiling ranges
  • No VOC content
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Suitable for indirect food contact according to FDA 21 CFR Ch. 178.3620 (B) and German BfR XXXVI


The following new Pilot® H oils are ideally suitable for water treatment:

  • Pilot® 250H
  • Pilot® 275H
  • Pilot® 300H 
  • Pilot® 300H+
  • Pilot® 400H




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New manufacturing process improves technical and ecological properties of Pilot® oils for flocculants

The new Pilot® H oils for flocculants are produced in a modern hydrogenation plant at our production site in Speyer, Germany. They offer manufacturers in the field of water treatment chemistry advantages through improved technical and ecological properties. In addition, the reduced aromatic content and easy biodegradability are decisive improvements that are of interest for the sensitive area of water treatment.


Pilot® H oils and their properties



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Polymer flocculants make an important contribution to water treatment. They can achieve improvements in process acceleration as well as in the cost structure. As carrier fluids for polyacrylamide emulsions, the new Pilot® H oils from Haltermann Carless are important building blocks in flocculants. With improved properties such as a low aromatic content, biodegradability, high purity and excellent dissolving behaviour, they are ideally suited for water treatment in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. 


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Dr. André Rosehr

Dr. André Rosehr

Dr. André Rosehr is the linking interface between customers, sales and production in his role as Manager Technical Services & Development. He is the technical contact for Performance Solvents, Middle Distillates and Renewable Products. His focus is on new product development, evaluation of new feedstocks and accommodating the transformation to renewable and sustainable hydrocarbon products at Haltermann Carless. T: +49 40 333 18 166 email:


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