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Haltermann Carless: Our strengths in supply chain management

Jul 9, 2020 , Author: Florenz Treschau

Haltermann Carless strengths in supply chain management

Nowadays competitiveness and success are dependent on a variety of factors. A key factor is fully operational and active management of the value chain. In this article we will explain what supply chain management is to Haltermann Carless as a leading niche company in the chemical industry, and how we implement it.

What does Supply Chain Management mean?

The term 'Supply Chain' refers to a network of people, suppliers, producers and end consumers who are linked together by the processes of the value-added chain. They form the links in the supply chain, which describes the process from the extraction of raw materials, through processing and production, through to delivery to the customer. These can be flows of goods, value or information.

The aim of supply chain management is to improve the planning and coordination processes, make them more efficient and cost-effective, and design them for the benefit of the customer. 

In short: How do products reach their destination quickly, economically and safely?

Supply Chain Management - more than just logistics

While logistics deals with the transport, handling and storage of goods, supply chain management goes beyond this. This is because the processes and participants in the value chain are considered in both directions for possible optimisation:

Supply Chain Management Flow of Information

  • How can information about supplier needs be obtained?
  • What feedback is given along the supply chain?
  • How can processes be improved?
  • What challenges do sales or production departments have?
  • How can new legal requirements be implemented?
  • What opportunities for process improvement does digitization offer?
  • How can customer demands be implemented?


Supply Chain Management at Haltermann Carless: Focus on the customer

As a medium-sized chemical company, we are in direct competition with international corporations that have their supply chain management tightly under control in terms of costs, quality and time. These classic factors - in particular product quality and safety - also play an essential role at Haltermann Carless. In addition, there is a particular strength in our customer focus. Together with our business units we are in the position to offer our customers tailor-made solutions. In doing so, we repeatedly prove our innovation and reliability. We listen to our customers very carefully and can implement their wishes and requirements in tailored supply chain concepts

Thus, Haltermann Carless has positioned itself from the beginning as a strong development partner, with bespoke product and transport solutions.

The hydrocarbon supplier focuses on a high degree of flexibility and individuality while maintaining the same high quality standard. This applies along the entire value chain – from purchasing and production to delivery to customers:     

  • The development and quality control of all products is carried out in the company's own test and analysis laboratories, some of which are accredited by DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Refinery and blending facilities in Harwich (UK) and Hamburg (Germany) have 80 special fuel blending tanks, storage tanks from 8,000 to 880,000 liters and special drum storage facilities.
  • For customers in the oil and gas industry we offer individual collection concepts, including gas condensates, pipeline interface, mixed fuels and used transformer oil.
  • New delivery concepts are continuously being developed and implemented according to customer requirements, which also includes tailor-made filling and packaging solutions.
  • For even better distribution, extensive internal and external storage facilities are available for bulk and packed products all over the world.
  • A high degree of transparency is achieved by implementing digital systems for logistics, such as tracking of deliveries or Time Slot Booking for trucks.
  • An international transport network and the use of all modes of transport such as road, rail, inland and ocean-going vessels as well as air freight ensure worldwide shipping.
  • A strong independent network of suppliers ensures a continuous supply of important raw materials.

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Thanks to an integrated supply chain management concept, Haltermann Carless is flexible and able to react to changing factors in the supply chain, customer requirements or even suppliers; thus enabling all stakeholders to participate in the added value created. Customer focus, strong partner relationships, cooperative solutions and orientation towards new trends are strong drivers for the continued innovation of the whole supply chain.


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Topics: Supply Chain, Digitalisation

Author: Florenz Treschau

Author: Florenz Treschau

Florenz Treschau joined HCS Group in 2013. As Senior Vice President Supply Chain Management he is responsible for the group-wide planning and control of the value chains as well as all logistics activities of the Haltermann Carless, Electrical Oil Services and ETS Racing Fuels brands. His focus is on the development and implementation of future-oriented and digital supply chain strategies and concepts. T +49 69 695 386 253 Email

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