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Durable silicone sealants thanks to Haltermann Carless' Pilot® extender oil

Jan 19, 2024 , Dr. André Rosehr

Pilot® extender oil

Sealing joints and gaps is one of man's oldest craft activities. Today, silicone sealants are among the first choice and are indispensable in the construction industry and for DIY enthusiasts - whether for windows and doors, in the bathroom or the kitchen. This important material convinces with many special properties. Our Pilot® extender oils play an important role in this. You can find out exactly which ones in our article.


Silicone sealants have to fullfil a lot of requirements

Silicone sealants may be unremarkable, but their added value is enormous. Wherever joints, gaps and cracks between different materials need to be filled and sealed, silicone sealants offer a clean and durable solution. The variety of applications for both interior and exterior construction is high: in the sanitary area, the kitchen, for sealing doors, windows and window sills and much more. The sealant protects against dirt and moisture and, thanks to its permanently elastic properties, is ideally suited to withstand and compensate for building movements.

High requirement profile for silicone sealants:

  • Curing on the spot due to atmospheric humidity
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water-repellent and waterproof
  • UV- and temperature-resistant
  • Corrosion-free (for application on metallic substrates)
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Good adhesion properties (can be applied to almost all substrates)
  • Flexible and tear-resistant during application
  • High insulating effect against electricity


Tailor-made Pilot® extender oils allow for high-quality silicone sealants

Silicone seals become perfect with low-viscosity base oils. These special products with narrow boiling points are used as so-called extender oils in silicone sealants. In order to meet the high requirements of the sealant, these extender oils must show high quality characteristics.

With its Pilot® extender oils, Haltermann Carless offers particularly high-quality products that optimally support the properties of silicone sealants.

Benefits of our Pilot® extender oils:

  • Lowest aromatic content
  • Low odour formation
  • Excellent anti-aging properties
  • UV stability 
  • Colour stability

Pilot® extender oils
enable a long service life for the cured sealant - for us, this means a sustainable product, satisfied customers and convinced end users.


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Pilot® extender oils and their properties

Product grades with low aromatic content:


Product grades with medium aromatic content:


More information on our Pilot extender oils can be found in our product database. 


To produce quality products such as our Pilot® extender oils, we rely on three strategies 

1. Innovative technology

With our new hydrogenation plant at the Speyer site, we are able to produce our Pilot® extender oils for silicone sealants with extremely low aromatic content and thus offer our customers particularly high-quality and at the same time sustainable products.

2. Individual formulations

Together with you, we will find exactly the right Pilot® extender oil for your particular application. Benefit from our experience, expertise and technologies to produce tailor-made extender oils for silicone seals.

3. Personal customer focus

For us, strong partnerships and long-term business relationships are a reality. This is the only way we can achieve the best result together with you. This requires trust. Benefit from our personal 360° service.



Pilot® extender oils from Haltermann Carless fulfil important functions in silicone seals. High quality features such as UV-resistance and lowest aromatic content make the silicone sealant a long-lasting and thus sustainable product. With our individual service and our customised portfolio, we create the best conditions for your silicone sealants. 


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This article has been first time published on June  17 2021 and updated on January 19 2024.

Topics: Construction, Middle Distillates, Extender Oil, Base Oil, Silicone Sealants

Dr. André Rosehr

Dr. André Rosehr

Dr. André Rosehr is the linking interface between customers, sales and production in his role as Manager Technical Services & Development. He is the technical contact for Performance Solvents, Middle Distillates and Renewable Products. His focus is on new product development, evaluation of new feedstocks and accommodating the transformation to renewable and sustainable hydrocarbon products at Haltermann Carless. T: +49 40 333 18 166 email:


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