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Aromatic solvents for fuel additives: Strong partners wanted!

Nov 13, 2020 , Author: Suwanie Thakrar

aromatic solvents for fuel additives

Fuel additives are an integral part of gasoline and diesel formulations as they are responsible for optimising fuel properties and improving engine performance. To achieve this, a balanced additive formulation and high-quality aromatic solvents are needed as carrier fluids. Close cooperation between you and the solvent manufacturer is crucial for the development of safe and high quality products. In this article we have summarised what you should pay attention to when choosing your partner.

Modern combustion engines are constantly being optimised for power and efficiency. For the fuel additive industry this also means constant adaptation and the design of new solutions. Part of these changes are based on regulations and consumer awareness on sustainability. In the value-added chain, this also affects manufacturers of aromatic solvents, which in formulations play a key part as carrier fluids. These market challenges must be addressed quickly and flexibly: Manufacturers of fuel additives rely on innovations and new developments and thus increasingly on cooperation with their solvent suppliers.


Requirements for solvent manufacturers: flexibility and stability 

The demands placed on manufacturers of aromatic solvents today resemble a balancing act, yet they are essential for a sustainable partnership. In addition to high-grade and pure solvents of consistent quality, suppliers should offer reliability in terms of production capacity and continuity, but also in the areas of logistics and transport. A high degree of flexibility is expected, for example in terms of testing and analysis possibilities in the laboratory or joint developments.


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Why cooperation with the solvent supplier is so important for manufacturers of fuel additives

Today, additive manufacturers need innovative concepts with a promising future, tailor-made formulations and agile cooperation with their solvent suppliers in order to meet changing market demands. For generations, Haltermann Carless has focused on close cooperation with its customers. With its Caromax® aromatics used as solvents, Haltermann Carless offers solutions that are particularly suitable for critical ingredients of additives. 

The strong customer focus as well as customised and flexible services support fuel additive formulators in the development of modern additives that turn basic fuels into a high-tech product.

The Haltermann Carless offering:

  • Tailor-made, aromatic C10 and C12 solvents 
  • High purity and consistent solvent quality
  • Professional and rapid laboratory analyses
  • Technical support for product development
  • Comprehensive expertise in production, logistics and sales
  • Continuous, smooth production 
  • Punctual and qualified transport in compliance with all safety regulations
  • More than 70 years experience in the production of Caromax® aromatic solvents

Our understanding of compelling products is based on strong cooperation and commitment, as well as a permanent exchange between all parties involved - oil refineries, raw material suppliers, the fuel additive industry as well as automotive and engine manufacturers. Our strength is the personal contact and tailored product development services. That is why we can offer the right solvent for fuel additives enabling the development of safe and high-quality products that meet legal requirements and offer optimum performance for each customer.

In particular, you will benefit from our commitment and activities in working committees, expert networks and associations, including at EU level. We get involved where important decisions for the future are being made and participate in industry bodies to help shape the landscape for future regulations and standards. We have up-to-date and timely information on new legislative changes or learn first-hand about trends in the automotive, internal combustion engine or oil industry sectors. As a strong partner of the fuel additive industry, we work together on your project in cooperations, pass on our knowledge and experience and thus provide a high added value for creating unique, tailor-made fuel additives.



Modern solvents such as the Caromax® aromatics from Haltermann Carless fulfill the market requirements. In addition to our high-quality solvents for fuel additives, we offer you extensive services and cooperation options which include reliability in production and the supply chain, flexible services for packaging, individual testing and analysis options. Technical competence and openness for joint research and development programmes geared to the legislative, ecological or formulation technology challenges of the future are part of the service.

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Topics: Aromatic Solvents, Fuels, Automotive Industry

Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Author: Suwanie Thakrar

Suwanie Thakrar joined Haltermann Carless in 2014. As Technical Services & Development Manager, her expertise covers Special Aromatics, Middle Distillates and Gas Condensates for the various industries such as agrochemicals, construction and industrial oils. The development of new products, applications, and designing tailor-made solutions for customer requirements are her main activities alongside providing technical support to our core customer base. T +44 1372 380493 Email


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