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        Renewable Products: ECO Base Portfolio

        The products made from renewable raw materials convince with a high flash point, low viscosity, an extremely low aromatic content (ppm) and outstanding refrigeration properties.

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        Paraffinic solvents: Halpasol®

        Paraffinic solvents are known for their mild odour, good health and environmental profile, safe handling and excellent cleaning efficiency.

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        Printing ink distillates: PKWF®, Paraset® und Printosol®

        Printing ink distillates are preferably produced as a straight-cut by distillation instead of a blending processes, as this achieves a uniform drying curve. Thanks to tightly specified distillation curves, printing ink manufacturers can control the drying process much better.

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        Low-viscosity base oils: Pilot®-Oils

        Low-viscosity base oils meet industry regulatory criteria as well as occupational safety and environmental protection regulations and technical requirements such as solution behavior, extreme temperature resistance, variable viscosities and outstanding, defined boiling behavior.

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