Printing ink distillates: PKWF®, Paraset® and Printosol®

        Printing ink distillates are preferably produced as a straight-cut by distillation instead of a blending processes, as this achieves a uniform drying curve. Thanks to tightly specified distillation curves, printing ink manufacturers can control the drying process much better.


        Physical Parameter


        Measured on the basis of the aniline point, a wide range of solvency power provides the necessary flexibility in terms of compatibility with printing ink resin systems.



        With the brands PKWF®, Paraset® and Printosol®, Haltermann Carless offers an extensive product portfolio of high-quality printing ink oils. Specifically tailored for each application, a selection and various combinations of properties can be offered.

        The formulations meet the requirements for 

        • heatset,
        • sheetfed offset and
        • coldset applications.

        Developed with leading manufacturers of resin and ink oils, we offer specific test oils in the boiling range from 260 °C to 290 °C based on the Eurocommit working group.

        The test oils are approved and used for measuring the precipitation temperature or determining the varnish viscosity and, as reference materials, enable uniform standards for quality control of printing ink resins. The properties of the test oils are confirmed by externally before released to the market. 

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