Paraffinic solvents: Halpasol®

        Paraffinic solvents are known for their mild odour, good health and environmental profile, safe handling and excellent cleaning efficiency.


        Physical Parameter

        The physical parameter of single molecules are very sharply defined. However, there are industrial applications where high purity and good performance are required, but where, for example, a singular boiling point is not necessary. A narrowly defined boiling range is absolutely sufficient. They contain no naphthenes or aromatics and are purely paraffinic. 

        Halpasol® 175/195 I
        Halpasol® 190/240



        Paraffinic solvents under the Halpasol® brand are mostly used in a similar way to our Pilot® oils. The n-paraffinic products are extremely mild in terms of odor and offer excellent solvent properties. The iso-paraffinic line includes a higher solvency power.

        • Solvents and degreasers
        • cold cleaners
        • lamp oils
        • security inks
        • special extraction processes

        Synonyms: iso-Paraffins, branched Paraffins

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