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    Product Line Overview

    At Haltermann Carless, we offer decades of experience in the field of multiphase fractional distillation and production.

    We have a long standing reputation amongst our customers for exceptional service, reliability and competence, with a high level of consistent quality being the hallmark of the products offered proven by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.



    The Performance Solvents Product Range

    A wide range of hydrocarbon solvents with purity greater than 95% are marketed by our Performance Solvents team for a wide range of demanding applications.

    These products are sold worldwide and have many different applications, serving the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, electronic, chemical, cosmetics and flavour and fragrances industries.

    Our customers value the impeccable quality, repeatability and reliability of supply for their high-end processes as well as our long-standing expertise in manufacturing and product handling.

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    Hydrocarbons 99%

    The range of hydrocarbons 99% that we produce has a wide selection of high-grade quality products, meeting the highest specifications.

    The physical properties are specified very precisely and match published reference standards. The hydrocarbons 9 % product line comprises aliphatic, selected alicyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a minimum purity of 99% and covers a chain length range of C5 to C16.

    Non-standard products in the range of n-C17 to n-C20 can be made available on request. In addition, specifications with minimum purities of 99.75% are also commercially available. On request, additional customer-specific quality parameters can be agreed upon to ensure optimum performance in the product’s application.

    Hydrocarbons 99% are used as laboratory reagents and in industrial processes, where their high purities combined with their physical properties offer particular benefits. They are ideally suited as process adjuvants in crystallisation, extraction, HPLC and SMB chromatography processes, as reaction media or in specific applications as latent heat storage.



    Hydrocarbons 95%

    The range of hydrocarbons 95% offers a wide selection of high-grade quality products, which meet the high requirements for components utilised in demanding chemical processes.

    The hydrocarbons 95% product range comprises aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons with a minimum purity of 95% and covers a chain length ranging from C5 to C16. For more far reaching, process-induced quality requirements and also for products with chain lengths of n-C17 to n-C20, the hydrocarbons 99% product group is better suited.

    The hydrocarbons 95% range is used in numerous industrial processes. The applications range from propellant components for plastic foams and cosmetics, process adjuvants and reaction media in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries, to specific printing inks and latent heat storage.

    Hydrocarbons 95% are ideally suited as high-purity solvents in crystallisation, extraction, HPLC and SMB chromatography processes. In addition, special low-odour qualities have been specifically developed for cosmetic applications.

    Petroleum ethers are also manufactured with low-aromatic and low-boiling hydrocarbon fractions (25 – 80°C) that have narrowly defined boiling ranges. They are ideally suited for applications in which a quick evaporation of the solvent is required. Custom and low hexane options can also be produced.



    ASTM Reference Fuels & Test Fluids

    Our ASTM Test Blends are refined to exceptionally high purities and meet the exacting demands of specific test methods and DIN, EN, ISO or ASTM standards.

    They are used in Octane and Cetane rating of gasoline and diesel fuels, materials testing of elastomer and rubber compounds, materials testing of polymers and contract fluids. Custom-made test blends are also developed and produced to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

    We produce the following ASTM reference fuels and test fluids including:

    • iso-Octane ASTM / n-Heptane ASTM
    • Octane rating of gasoline
    • Octane-80-blend ASTM, blend consisting of iso-Octane ASTM and
    • n-Heptane ASTM with a MON of 80 +/- 0.1 Toluene acc. ASTM
    • n-Cetane ASTM 99%
    • n-Cetane 95%
    • Cetane rating of diesel fuels in CFR /BASF engine
    • alpha-Methylnaphthalene and Cetane rating of diesel fuels in BASF engines

    We also have a range of test fluids for the testing of polymer and rubber compounds and calibration fluids.