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    The development and testing of modern high performance fuels, additives and lubricants as well as engines and materials requires CEC & ASTM reference fuels produced to specific standards.

    CEC stands for Comité Européen de Coordination [European Committee for Coordination] for the development of performance tests in the domains of fuels, lubricants and other fluids used for transport.

    The CEC represents European industries of fuels, lubricants, additives and related products in the development of performance tests in association with:

    • ACEA : European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association
    • ATIEL : Technical Association of the European Lubricant Industry
    • ATC : Technical Association of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers
    • CONCAWE : European body for the conservation of air and water

    The members of the CEC include company representation from the sectors of lubricants, fuels, additives, automotive manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, independent laboratories and manufacturers of automotive fluids.

    We are an active member of the technical working groups of the CEC, chairing the Reference Fuel Group and the main supplier of reference fuels approved by the CEC.

    The CEC specifies the reference fluids used for standardized test methods and procedures, developed by the CEC for use on engine or component test benches in accordance with performance evaluation procedures in the following areas :

    • Lubricant Testing
    • Additive Testing
    • Volatility Testing

    At Haltermann Carless, we produce CEC reference fuels, certification test fuels and formulated contract Lube certification fuels for use in automotive and allied industries, as well as fuels produced to customer specific requirements. The consistent quality of the fuels is guaranteed by the use of components selected for their compatibility and long-term availability. Dedicated processing and state-of-the-art blending equipment allows us to provide outstanding batch-to-batch repeatability.

    The majority of fuels listed in the CEC Reference Fuels Manual are available from stock or may be produced to order on short notice. The fuel formulations offered have a range of applications including anti-knock, hot and cold weather volatility, oxygenated fuels, low/high sulphur gasoline and diesel fuels, sludge test fuel, fuel economy gasoline, foreign market testing and wear testing.


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