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Engine and component OEM’s must produce engines, vehicles and equipment which meets emission regulations set up in the territory of sale.

Legislative Emission Fuels are well defined, high consistency fuels manufactured to exact tolerances that allow manufacturers to measure emission levels and provide other reference data.

These objectives can be achieved only if several series of tests and developments are carried out using the most suitable high consistency test fuels, which requires the highest quality fuel refining and blending technology.


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Dr. Bruno Philippon

Senior Vice President
Business Unit Mobility


Sales Contacts

Bill Bovensiep

Sales Director – Performance Fuels, North America
Mobile: +1 313 919 8468

Lutz Reichenbächer

Sales Manager – Performance Fuels, Germany
Phone: +49 40 333 18 316
Mobile: +49 151 270 403 85

Iciar Irigoyen

Head of Performance Fuels Sales, UK
Mobile: +44 7880 192076

Yann Labia

Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, France
Mobile: +33 6 80 45 73 36

Hiroki Kawamoto
Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, Japan
Tel. +81 80 3344 8802



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