Bespoke Services

    Product information

    In addition to the development and supply of our own products, we also offer related services including:

    • Bespoke blending
    • Component Sourcing
    • Packing
    • Global Logistics
    • Testing

    Our refineries and blending facilities in Harwich, Bourgtheroulde and in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg provide more than 80 dedicated specialist fuel formulation tanks, storage tanks from 600 L to 880,000 L and dedicated automated drumming lines.

    To prevent any possibility of cross-contamination, each tank is completely separate and independent. As a further precaution, each tank has its own pump and blending jet.

    Outstanding blend accuracy is delivered using a highly sophisticated radar gauge system. As a further precaution against contamination or moisture ingress, all products are drummed using a 2 micron filter and hydrophilic cartridge.

    All sites are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved so that any activity conducted on behalf of customers is of the highest quality. The development and quality control of all products is carried out by the testing laboratory at the site and is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. To further ease distribution, extensive third party storage facilities are available for bulk and packed products all over the world.

    The control and development laboratories at Harwich and Hamburg are well equipped with a range of petrochemical testing and analytical apparatus. The main laboratories includes automatic equipment for measuring density, flash point, aniline point, cold flow properties (e.g. pour point, CFPP), distillation profiles, and vapour pressure. In addition, a comprehensive range of manual equipment and wet chemical techniques covering relevant ASTM and IP methods are also available.

    The analytical laboratories have extensive capabilities and expertise in gas and liquid chromatography (GC/FID, Headspace, GC/MS, thermal desorption, Reformulizer, PIONA, HPLC), elemental techniques analysis (Atomic absorption, X ray Fluorescence, atomic fluorescence) and spectroscopy (FTIR, UV-Visible). There are also distillation pilot-plant facilities within Harwich Technical Centre.




    Bespoke Blend

    Haltermann Carless is capable of manufacturing any bespoke blends, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and Alkylate grades for 4 strokes engine application & premix for 2 strokes engine application.

    Haltermann Carless has the capacity and storage facilities to manufacture all the fuel customers need in one batch and then to release it, as and when it is required.

    This further drives up product consistency and offers customers all the efficiency of flexible just-in-time supply. Benefits of bespoke blends manufactured at Haltermann Carless include:

      • Accurate blending
      • Component Sourcing
      • Analytical services
      • Flexible Packing options


    Component Sourcing & Packing

    Haltermann Carless can source components from our extensive product portfolio of industry standard chemicals and solvents, from glycol ethers to alcohols; esters to ketones; and aromatic to aliphatic hydrocarbons.

    We can store, pack, blend, analyse and ship all with one main point of contact within the company meaning dedicated support to your project from day one.



    Logistic & Customs Service

    Haltermann Carless is a world class company operating world-wide and as such has the supply chain to support its activities.

    Customer satisfaction is a priority therefore a dedicated and highly qualified team responds to the needs of the customer, providing technical expertise, logistics solutions, facilitating customs formalities, technical support and recommendations to users

    The back office staffs support customers with delivery on time or emergency deliveries by air freight, sea freight & road freight, around the world.

    When customer is needing, Haltermann Carless will organize dedicated logistic roads & local buffer stock to secure the supply chain

    Customs clearance around the world, is also part of Hatlermann Carless solution providing service.