Product Line Overview

Besides pure hydrocarbons, Haltermann Carless offers also high purity (99%) butanol and special acetate esters. The Oxo products are widely applied in the pharmaceutical and printing industry. Our history of production in this field dates back to 1983 which reflects on reliability and competence.



The Oxo Product Range

Our n-butanol is not only a desired solvent and extraction medium but also an industrial intermediate, particularly for the manufacture of acrylates. Butanol is the lead compound in the production of plasticizers, coatings and glycol ethers for surfactants and fracking fluids.

Our Isopropyl acetate and propyl acetate are esters that are utilized in the production of fragrances, pharmaceutical and consumer care products. They are also widely used as solvents with great solvency power. A special consumer is the printing industry which resorts to such esters in case of sensitive materials such as food wrappings.

Synonyms: n-Butanol, 1-Butanol, Butan-1-ol, n-Butyl alcohol, Butylhydroxide



René Tessmann

Senior Vice President, Business Unit Industrial 


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