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    Aircraft engines are some of the most closely monitored, tested and certified examples of engineering in world. Every component is subject to the most exacting quality standards and testing against these new standards.

    Our product range includes NATO military specification fuels for aircraft engine development and certification, specialist turbine fuels from around the world and calibration fluids for overhauling aircraft fuel systems. All fuels are delivered with a certificate of analysis to support aerospace quality procedures and to provide product traceability according to ISO 9001.

    Our aerospace products include fuels produced to military specifications, emissions fuels for environmental testing, calibration fluids for fuel system overhaul and maintenance and customer specific blends for development projects.



    Commercial Aviation Fuels

    • Unleaded Avgas
    • Jet-A-1
    • JET A-1 ICAO emissions regulations


    Military Aviation Fuels

    • Carcal 4: Avtag with FSII – Def Stan 91-88  / NATO F-40 / US MIL JP-4
    • Carcal 4A: Avtag
    • Carcal 5: Avtur – Def Stan 91-91  NATO F-35
    • Carcal 8: Avtur with FSII – Def Stan 91-87 / NATO F-34 / US MIL JP-8
    • Carcal F44: Avcat with FSII – Def Stan 91-86 / NATO F-44 / US MIL JP-5


    Renewable Fuel

    • FT- SPK: Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene produced from Fisher Trop process
    • HEFA: Hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids  
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