Aromatic Solvents

    Our Special Aromatic solvents portfolio, also known as heavy aromatics, are characterised by excellent solvency and high flash points. 


    Physical Parameter

    Our Special Aromatics (C10s and C12s) are grouped under the brand name Caromax®. They are offered in low naphthalene content (Caromax® LN) and extra low naphthalene content (Caromax® XLN):


    Haltermann Carless-Graphic Caromax Heavy Aromatics_en



    Parameter Unit Caromax® 20 (150) Caromax® 20 LN  Caromax® 20 XLN
    CAS Number   64742-94-5 64742-94-5 64742-94-5
    EC Number   919-284-0 918-811-1 918-811-1
    Typical Destiny @ 15 °C kg/m3 890 890 890
    Initial Boiling Point (min) °C 180 180 175
    Final Boiling Point (max) °C 220 215 215
    Flash Point (min) °C 62 62 60
    Aromatics Content %(m/m) ≥99 ≥99 ≥99
    Naphthalene Content %(m/m) ≤10 ≤0.9 ≤0.09


    Parameter Unit Caromax® 28 (150) Caromax® 28 LN  Caromax® 28 XLN
    CAS Number   64742-94-5 64742-94-5 64742-94-5
    EC Number   926-273-4 922-153-0 922-153-0
    Typical Destiny @ 15 °C kg/m3 985 990 985
    Initial Boiling Point (min) °C 210 210 230
    Final Boiling Point (max) °C 300 300 300
    Flash Point (min) °C 99 99 99
    Aromatics Content %(m/m) ≥99 ≥99 ≥99
    Naphthalene Content %(m/m) ≤10 ≤0.9 ≤0.1




    Our products are used in a wide range of applications.


    Agricultural chemistry

    Aromatic solvents are used as inert solvents in formulations to keep active ingredients (AIs) stable in formulations over a variety of storage and transport conditions. 


    Fuel additives

    Aromatic solvents act as carrier fluids for individual additive formulations. They are suitable for critical ingredients such as defoamers, demulsifiers and corrosion and fouling inhibitors, octane and cetane improvers, extreme pressure and cold flow additives. 


    Oilfield chemistry

    Production chemicals are a key player in oil field applications and our Caromax grades provide the ideal solvency matrix for this. Haltermann Carless supplies to proprietary oilfield chemical formulators of corrosion inhibitors, detergent packages and flow improvers for protecting oil field assets. 



    Aromatics are universal solvents for components of a paint or coating. Therefore, they are ideally suited for bringing together resin, additives, pigments and colorants in one formulation. The application of these paints mostly extends to the professional, industrial sector.

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