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    Product Overview

    Haltermann Carless has developed a portfolio of sustainable technologies, which are based on renewable raw materials. The so-called ECO Base products provide multiple benefits to our customers. Excellent performance characteristics and less environmental impact are just a view advantages to name.



    The ECO Product Range

    In addition to technical advantages, our portfolio sourced from renewables supports a lower carbon footprint: 1.6 to 3.0 kg CO2 can be saved for every kilogram of our ECO Base fluids used compared to fossil oil products. Our products contribute to optimize our customers’ processes and applications and help to reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP).

    We have developed a sustainable portfolio of products based on vegetable oils or other renewable raw materials for a broad range of industrial, health or food applications. Via a hydro-isomerization process followed by further refinement, we can offer these highly valuable products with a midterm perspective. Our development portfolio includes base fluids low in aromatics.

    Product overview:

    • ECO Base Fluids
    • ECO Metal Rolling
    • ECO Metalworking Fluids
    • ECO Insulating Oil

    Advantages at a glance:

    • Superior cold flow properties – for applications at low temperatures
    • Low aromatics and low sulphur – for manned production sites
    • Low viscosity – reducing pumping energy
    • Low volatility – for manned production sites
    • Reduced carbon footprint – less environmental impact
    • Biodegradable – where contamination is at risk


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