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    Environmental Protection

    Corporate growth and responsible care go hand in hand at our company

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    Employees & Society

    People are our focus

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    Goals & Values

    We are committed to our obligations

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    Realising our vision for the future and committing ourselves to sustainability has been part of our corporate culture for generations. Together with our customers, suppliers and employees, we endeavor to develop and manufacture products in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner, make the best possible use of resources and thus, offer sustainable solutions. Examples for this are our test fuels, which help to reduce the emission levels of cars, our pentanes, which help to save energy in buildings and household appliances, or our low-carbon intensity products, which are made from renewable resources.

    “For us, sustainable solutions, the responsible use of resources, and a respectful and appreciative relationship with our employees, business partners and neighbours constitute the foundation for the long-term business success of our company. Creating added value and benefits for society and for our customers is just as much in the focus of our activities as are safety, environmental protection and social engagement. Sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand for us.”

    Henrik Krüpper, CEO HCS Group


    Learn more about our core topics and sustainability projects.

    environmental protection

    Environmental Pro­tec­tion:

    Cor­porate growth and res­pon­sible care go hand in hand at our company

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    Employees and  Society

    Employees & Society: 

    People are our focus

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    goals and values

    Goals & Values:

    We are com­mitted to our ob­li­gations

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    Environmental Protection


    Corporate growth and responsible care go hand in hand at our company

    For 160 years, we have stood by our responsibility to future generations and develop products and solutions that are committed to sustainability. Our achievements are forward-looking.

    Find out more about some of our projects and innovative solutions and how they help protect the climate.

    green solutions

    How do we promote sustainable products?

    Sustainability is THE topic of our time. In society and among our customers, interest in environmentally compatible products has grown steadily. We too, work every day to develop solutions that offer added value and at the same time contribute to environmental protection. We achieve this by changing sources for some of our products to renewable, but also by process optimization and a healthy measure of strategic foresight.

    For example, by developing our second generation of biofuels, we can already significantly reduce CO2 emissions from cars. Our goal is to enable a 95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with our specialty fuels. We already manufacture our ECO Base products from hydrogenated vegetable oils and other renewable raw materials. In addition to an improved environmental balance, these products have improved technical properties and thus offer new applications with great environmental benefits.

    High-quality products, responsibility for people and the environment, and customer satisfaction are all pillars of our brand recognition.

    agriculture environmentally friendly

    Can chemistry in agriculture also be environmentally friendly?

    In the future, we will have to do more with the available resources to meet the needs of a growing population for food and energy. Agricultural chemistry plays an important role in combating crop failures and making the best possible use of agricultural land.

    It is our goal to develop concepts together with our customers to reduce the impact on people, nature and the environment. Many years of research have enabled us to produce aromatic solvents with a very low naphthalene content, keeping the products as safe as possible and thus contribute to protecting the environment.

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    improve air quality

    How do we help to improve air quality?

    The development of low-emission engines is an important element in achieving climate targets. With our test and reference fuels, we support these goals and make a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. With our more than 500 different specialty fuels, we support our customers in the further development of more efficient engines and in fulfilling demanding test concepts or strict emission regulations.

    The close development work with engine and vehicle manufacturers, OEMs and test facilities around the world allow us to jointly work on solutions for a cleaner environment. We have already achieved a lot in this area. Our commitment to doing more is what keeps us working on innovative fuels.

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    energy savings

    How do we contribute to energy savings?

    As part of the global sustainability effort, energy savings and energy efficiency are of great importance. The potential to make savings in domestic households is particularly high.

    This is where our pentanes product group makes an important contribution. Owing to their optimum ecological profile and superior insulating properties, they are used as blowing agents in insulating materials. You can find these foams in many household appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. Other key areas are thermal insulation in the construction industry or pipe insulation in district heating technology.

    No existing ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential (GWP) make our pentanes real energy saving professionals.

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    consultation sustainable technologies

    Employees & Society


    People are our focus  

    Our employees are the key to our success. Only together can we achieve our corporate goals. Employee safety and health therefore play an important role. They are consistently implemented at our production sites and sales offices with numerous initiatives such as safety trainings and health support programmes.

    This commitment to employees and society is also an important element in the relationship with the local communities everywhere we work. Our social activities in these neighbourhoods are diverse and varied.

    environment protection

    Together … to protect the people and the environment

    We want to produce safely to the benefit of our employees, their families, our neighbours and also to the suppliers who work on our plant premises under our responsibility. Plant and work safety are therefore top priorities for us. We consistently enforce our zero-accident policy with preventive measures, training and further education.

    We are committed to high safety standards in the construction and operation of our plants and ensure regular maintenance and inspections. In the event of an incident, we are well prepared to respond professionally. We comply with the laws, regulations and standards on environmental protection and fully respect the applicable law. This is how we want to treat people and the environment responsibly.


    Together … for better health

    Occupational safety is of particular importance to us. We want all our employees to return home to their families healthy each day. In our organisation, this includes not only the safety on our sites, but also our company health management programme. We actively promote measures that contribute to the health of our employees, also in the administrative offices. Ergonomic furniture, health advice or free fresh fruit are just as much a part of this strategy as our sports courses.

    We attribute special importance to the topic of “exercising” and support it throughout the company. As an example, our employees, dressed in sports gear with our company logo, jointly participate in various company runs, such as the JP Morgan events in Frankfurt and London, the MoPo relay run in Hamburg or the BASF race in Speyer.

    social engagement

    Together … for more social engagement

    We take responsibility for our actions. This includes respectful cooperation and respect for human rights and dignity throughout our company and in all our business activities and relationships. We are wholly committed to our values and principles. This is also reflected in our commitment to our immediate neighborhoods and communities.

    We want to promote our manifold individual activities even more intensively in the future and be part of a strong local community.

    Goals & Values


    We are committed to our obligations

    The way we work and communicate with each other and what we belief to be important, we formulate as concretely as possible and measure ourselves against these obligations. The implementation of legal requirements, audits and certifications are just as important to us as our additional engagements, for example in associations to improve standards in the chemical industry.

    Learn more about our commitments and engagements.

    corporate policy

    Corporate Policy

    In our corporate policy we commit ourselves to live to our values each and every day.

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    Quality assurance is important to us and our business partners, which is why we attach particular importance to our certificates.

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    Engagement in Associations

    Active Engagement in Associations

    We are represented in various associations and working groups in order to help shape future developments.

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    Ecovadis Gold Rating

    In recognition of our commitment to sustainable business practices, we have been awarded with the Gold status by the CSR agency EcoVadis.

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