Realising our vision for the future and committing ourselves to sustainability has been part of our corporate culture for generations. Together with our customers, suppliers and employees, we endeavor to develop and manufacture products in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner, make the best possible use of resources and thus, offer sustainable solutions. Examples for this are our test fuels, which help to reduce the emission levels of cars, our pentanes, which help to save energy in buildings and household appliances, or our low-carbon intensity products, which are made from renewable resources.

“For us, sustainable solutions, the responsible use of resources, and a respectful and appreciative relationship with our employees, business partners and neighbours constitute the foundation for the long-term business success of our company. Creating added value and benefits for society and for our customers is just as much in the focus of our activities as are safety, environmental protection and social engagement. Sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand for us.”

Henrik Krüpper, CEO HCS Group


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Chris Hutchinson
Head of Corporate Development & Sustainability
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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection – Corporate growth and responsible care go hand in hand at our company

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Employees and Society

Employees & Society – People are our focus

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Goals and Values

Goals & Values – We are committed to our obligations

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