Printing Ink Distillates

    Product Line Overview

    We are one of the leading manufacturers of speciality distillates for the performance-driven printing ink sector, and a reliable partner for assured production, technical service and supply performance.



    The Printing Ink Distillates Product Range

    Our leading brands PKWF™, Paraset® and Printosol™ form an industry-focused selection of high quality printing ink distillates, designed specifically for lithographic ink formulators and other specific applications. With our close links to the industry, we are able to provide a rapid and continuous response to developments in printing ink technology.

    We are able to provide choices and different combinations of characteristics necessary to meet the specific requirements of particular formulations in all types of heatset, sheetfed and coldset applications. The range is produced by distillation rather than blending, which ensures a consistently even drying curve. Narrowly defined distillation ranges provide ink manufacturers with improved control over the drying rate of the formulated ink.

    A wide solvency spectrum, expressed in terms of aniline points, provides the flexibility essential to address compatibility parameters for printing ink resin systems.

    Test oils

    Working closely with leading resin and printing ink manufacturers in the Eurocommit, we’ve developed exacting specification test oils for the 260 to 290°C distillation range.

    Our test oils are used in conjunction with Eurocommit methods for the measurement of precipitation temperature and varnish viscosity. As benchmark quality materials, they allow both ink manufacturers and users to benefit from consistent standards for the quality control of printing ink resins.