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A noticeable difference:

How pentanes mostly ended one of the biggest pollution of the environment.

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Green from the core:

Surprising sustainable solutions in hydrocarbons.

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A pioneer of high-value hydrocarbons

Customers around the world have valued our leading hydrocarbon-based speciality products and services for the past 160 years. Starting ouas a pioneer who developed a substance sold under the tradename of "Petrol" in 1859, we have succeeded in continuously reinventing ourselves and meeting changing customer requirements over many generations.

Today, many of our products hold market-leading positions and respond to a wide range of market demands such as saving energy, improving engine efficiency and higher quality performance.

How can your business benefit from our long-term expertise?

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Product Sustainability

Agrochemicals: greener and safer

To meet the growing demand for a rising polulation, new solutions are required. Caromax® low naphthalene solvents make an impact on agrochemicals formulations.
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Product Sustainability

A ban on smoking: How test fuels improve air quality.

Car manufacturers around the world have developed engines that are more powerful and consume less fuel. But how to verify and prove that? Test and reference fuels from Haltermann Carless play an.
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Product Sustainability

The scent of crime and love: How modern printing inks cause less impact to the environment

You either love it or hate it: the smell of a freshly printed book or newspaper. Where does the odour come from? Learn more about Haltermann Carless sustainable printing ink distillates.
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Green from the core: Surprising sustainable solutions in hydrocarbons.

Everyone is talking about renewable energy and bio-ethanol, but there is so much more that we can do. Wouldn’t it be great if chemistry could be as green?
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Product Sustainability

A noticeable difference: How pentanes came to replace some of the biggest environmental pollutants.

The ozone layer is our shield against harmful UV light from the sun and was severely damaged by using CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) as propellant for example in spray cans.
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