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Agrochemicals: greener and safer

To meet the growing demand for a rising polulation, new solutions are required. Caromax® low naphthalene solvents make an impact on agrochemicals formulations. 

The earth’s population grows, agriculture strives to meet the rising demand for food, feed and fuel. With finite land resources, every hectare counts!

Haltermann Carless is proud to be a key player in the supply of our special aromatic solvents to agrochemicals formulators. Our Caromax® solvents are not only efficient and cost effective solvents, they also come in Low Naphthalene (LN) and Extra Low Naphthalene (XLN) grades to further protect applicators and the environment.

Our products are all registered and approved by the EPA, PMRA and are fully REACH registered. 

Click here for further informationen on Haltermann Carless Caromax® product range and its application in EC and OD formulations.


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