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    A noticeable difference: How pentanes mostly ended one of the biggest pollution of the environment.

    The ozone layer is our shield against harmful UV light from the sun and was severely damaged by using CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) as propellant for example in spray cans. The Montreal Protocol forbade these substances, only to be replaced by FHC (fluorohydrocarbons) which add to the global warming effect massively. For a long time underestimated and regarded as too difficult to use in the industry, pentanes have now widely replaced such molecules. With no ozone depleting potential and, in comparison, little impact on global warming, pentanes perform excellent in styrofoam, polyurethanes and other applications. They help insulating against heat or cold, thus saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

    Haltermann Carless is the only one of the leading providers offering all three isomers: isopentane, n-pentane and cyclopentane.

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