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Production site Speyer

Speyer – a site with a prosporous future

Speyer is a strategically important production site for Haltermann Carless. Ongoing developments and investments have been an integral part of the company's more than 50-year history. With around 100 employees, we produce an extensive portfolio with high demands on quality and sustainability. To achieve this, we invest in modern technologies, enhanced products and sustainable solutions.

Facts at a glance:

  • Site foundation: 1965
  • Production: hydrogenation plant (August 2021 completion), 9 distillation columns, natural gas-based power generation plant, loading and blending station, 175 tanks, 600 pumps; approx. 220,000 sqm² area, production in compliance with GMP standards.
  • Production capacity: processing of up to 200,000 t of raw materials per year.
  • Storage capacity: 80,000 m3 (tanks from 25 m3 to 3,000 m3) 
  • Logistics: water jetty, railway siding, loading station for tankers.
  • Packaging units: Tank wagons, tank trucks, drums and iso-containers
  • Laboratory: comprehensively equipped laboratory facility to meet a wide range of industry standard tests for hydrocarbon products
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 50001 (energy), ISO/IEC 17025 (Hamburg laboratory).
  • Operation: 24/7 
  • Workforce: 120 employees, plus numerous external service providers
  • Portfolio: Performance Solvents, Middle Distillates, Pentanes, Paraffinic Solvents, Components for Test Fuels, bio-based products made from renewable raw materials
  • Fire brigade: own plant fire brigade on site
  • Sustainability: The Speyer site not only offers a perfect infrastructure, but also produces in an environmentally friendly way using → regional wind energy.


Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH
Joachim-Becher-Straße 1
67346 Speyer

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Email :
Phone: +49 6232 134 0

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Information for Neighbours incl. emergency and safety guidelines (only DE)

Welcome to Speyer incl. directions & plant premises

Product portfolio

Product portfolio – our products for a wide range of applications

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Invest in future

Investing in the future – for added customer value, site security and more sustainability

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Community – for the people in our region

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Laboratories – reliable quality assurance directly on site

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain – from Speyer to the world

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Contact – we look forward to hearing from you

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Product portfolio

Our product portfolio supports a wide range of industries with important and critical raw materials. We offer our customers the highest quality standards, high-performance products, customised blends and formulations, as well as reliable and timely delivery.

Are you looking for a suitable product for your industry? Then please use our product search!

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Haltermann Carless Products

At our sustainable site in Speyer, we produce ...

  • High-purity solvents – they play a crucial role in the production of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Pentanes – as blowing agents in foaming materials, they are necessary for excellent insulation of buildings or high cooling efficiency in refrigerators. They are also used in foaming gels in the cosmetics industry.
  • Printing ink distillates – for printing ink manufacturers, our PIDs with low aromatic content are important raw materials.
  • Low-viscosity base oils – they are further processed into lubricants, silicone sealants, metalworking fluids, rolling oils or oil extenders. They are also used for paper processing and water treatment.
  • Components for test fuels – our special fuels contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Performance solvents – our solvents are used in paints & varnishes, adhesives, greases & silicones, as well as in agents for cleaning & degreasing.
  • Paraffinic solvents – they are needed for solvents and degreasers, cold cleaners, lamp oils, for security inks and for special extraction processes.
  • Product portfolio based on renewable raw materials
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Investing in the future

We continuously invest in the expansion and modernisation of our production site. This enables us to meet the increasing demands of our customers and to sustainably develop the production site with efficient technologies. In recent years, we have already carried out a wide range of investment projects: For example, in 2012 we increased the production capacities for our Pentane product range, and in 2016 we invested in the expansion of a new loading and mixing station. In addition to investments for product developments and customer requirements, we are also pushing ahead with targeted sustainability projects. For example, the construction of a new energy generation plant based on natural gas in 2014 or the switch to green electricity in 2021.  

With modern technologies, a focus on future trends and investments in sustainability, we are strengthening our market position - and our location - in the long term.

Hydrogenation unit

Our commitment to the needs and requirements of our customers is reflected in our hydrogenation unit. Improved product qualities, capacity expansion and sustainable production go hand in hand here. 

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Hydrogenation plant Speyer

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

As the first commercial manufacturer in Germany, Haltermann Carless aspires to produce around 60,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), modern biofuels and renewable hydrocarbons annually at the Speyer production site from 2026. For this purpose, we are committed to the construction of a plant based on the alcohol-to-jet process ("ATJ").

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SAF Sustainable Aviation Fuel
EcoVadis Rating

EcoVadis Rating

Our numerous projects for responsible action and greater sustainability has been awarded Gold status.


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At Haltermann Carless, we see ourselves as part of the local network in Speyer and therefore maintain close contact with the city of Speyer, neighbouring companies and local interest groups, such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Joachim Becher Foundation.


An important employer in the region

Haltermann Carless' strategic investments in the location also make the company attractive as an employer. About 120 of the total of 450 employees of the globally active company work on the factory premises, including many highly qualified specialists. In addition, there are numerous external service providers from the region who work on the maintenance or the implementation of projects. 

In addition to securing jobs, the training of young people is close to our hearts. Here you can find out how you can become part of our team.

All job vacancies at a glance

Acting responsibly

Acting responsibly, using resources efficiently and investing in modern and safe operating facilities are an important focus for Haltermann Carless. This means, in concrete terms, safe working conditions for our employees and all service providers on our production site, but also safety for our immediate neighbours. This includes a comprehensive safety programme with regular maintenance, employee training, exercises and safety talks. Our own plant fire brigade is also part of the safety concept and can react quickly in the event of an incident.

All important information on the subject of safety and environmental protection at our site in Speyer, can be found in our information brochure:

Flyer Information for Neighbours incl. emergency and safety guidelines (only DE)

Flyer Welcome to Speyer incl. directions & plant premises

Naturally, our responsibility also includes acting in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. We are constantly working to further optimise our production processes in order to minimise our environmental impact. This includes the economical use of resources, the reduction of emissions and the avoidance of waste. We are strongly committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices in our industry. Our aim is to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable future through innovation and commitment. 

Find out more here:



Haltermann Carless Community
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Quality is key to us and our customers can rely on that promise. At the Speyer site, we ensure our consistently high quality standards with numerous measures in our laboratories, standardised process controls and through our certifications.

Our extensively equipped laboratories are integrated into the production plant and offer a wide range of testing and analysis procedures, for example

  • density measurement,
  • flash point and aniline point,
  • cold flow behaviour (e.g. pour point, CFPP),
  • distillation profiles,
  • vapour pressure or
  • tests for oxygen-containing molecules such as ketones.
  • Individual quality parameters possible.

Testing is carried out according to the 4-eyes principle, with another employee always checking all data.

Haltermann Carless Laboratory


Our certifications are proof of our high quality standards. The Speyer site is ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 50001 (energy) certified. Our laboratories are also certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, i.e. according to quality and environmental aspects.

Click here to get all Haltermann Carless certificates:

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Supply Chain

All services related to our high-quality products are tailored to the requirements and specifications of our customers – including the reliable and timely delivery of our products. The Speyer location offers the ideal infrastructure for this.

  • Strategic location in the centre of Europe with proximity to the Rhine river and Frankfurt Airport
  • Good logistics connections with our own jetty on the production site, our own loading and unloading stations for rail tank wagons, as well as a loading point for tank trucks
  • Packaging options in tank wagons, tank trucks, drums and insulated containers
  • Individual transport concepts according to customer agreement
  • Worldwide distribution
Haltermann Carless Supply Chain

In addition to our logistics services, we offer numerous individual services and provide you with tangible support in the form of 

  • tailor-made specifications and blends, for example
    • Pentane blends with every ratio of n-Pentane, iso-Pentane and Cyclopentane,
    • Solvent formulations for the pharmaceutical industry,
    • Middle Distillates, which we develop together with our customers.
  • possible applications from laboratory to production scale
  • advice on logistics and packaging concepts
  • technical advice

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