Automotive Testing Expo 2019

    Novi, Michigan, USA from October 22-24 2019


    Visit the Haltermann Carless and Corrigan Oil booth at the Automotive Testing Expo 2019 and learn more about our advanced test and reference fuels.  


    October 22-24 2019


    Suburban Collection Showplace
    46100 Grand River Avenue
    Novi, Michigan 48374

    About Automotive Testing Expo: 

    Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI, USA – now in its 16th year – remains the must-attend event for everyone involved in full vehicle and component-level testing and development. Last year’s show saw more than 330 exhibitors display their latest concepts and innovations to more than 5,500 visitors live on the show floor.

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    About Haltermann Carless Performance Fuels:

    Haltermann Carless develops high-quality specialty fuels, which meet tight specifications, enable high batch to batch reproducibility and offer customers a consistent fuel quality for up to 24 months. In this way, the automotive industry can rely on comparable measurement results during their test programs, such as EPA Tier 3, CARB, RDE, and is in the position to meet the increasingly stringent requirements.

    Haltermann Carless is well-known and recognized worldwide for its performance fuels business and the capability to offer customer-defined solutions to global automotive industries. The fuel specialist offers up to 500 different fuel specifications for all kinds of testing programs.

    Haltermann Carless and Corrigan Oil have joined forces in 2016 with the aim to deliver high value to North American customers in terms of products, supply chain solutions, technical support, and bespoke services. Corrigan Oil distributes, stores and blends the highly specialized Haltermann Carless fuels, such as test and reference fuels, legislative and emission fuels, special grades for first-fill or two-stroke engine applications, at their facilities in Michigan.

    Further information on Haltermann Carless Performance Fuels business: