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    Product Line Overview

    Our Special Aromatics team is a market driven, leading aromatic hydrocarbon solvents business for Haltermann Carless. We have been manufacturing our key products in the Caromax® range for over 70 years.

    Flexibility, reliability, outstanding customer service and technical competence have led us to our market leading position. We’re proud to be a leading global supplier of C10 and C12 Heavy Aromatic Solvents to the Agrochemical, Fuel Additive and Oilfield chemical industries.



    The Special Aromatics Product Range

    Our products are fully registered worldwide and have both EPA registration in the USA and PMRA registration in Canada for use in food crop protection formulations. The business has been built on core relationships and these have enabled us to become a trusted global producer of C12 aromatic solvents.

    With storage and distribution locations in both Europe and the USA, we are in a position to supply our products to any location globally to meet our customers‘ needs. Our Caromax® range consists of aromatic solvents produced from C10 and C12 aromatic compounds. They have excellent solvency and high flash points. Caromax® 20, 26 and 28 are used in a wide range of applications including as an inert solvent for carrying active ingredients in emulsifiable concentrate agrochemical formulations, fuel additives, oilfield chemicals and surface coatings.

    In addition, we offer low napthalene aromatics. This is a range of products manufactured to less than 1% naphthalene content to enable the final product to meet regulatory requirements.

    We welcome the opportunity to run joint research and development programs that cater for the legislative, environmental or formulation challenges of the future.


    Heavy Aromatic Solvents for Agrochemicals

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    Caromax® for agrochemical applications

    The majority of Caromax® products are applied in the development and production of Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) and Oil Dispersant (OD) formulations and can be used in even the most sensitive agrochemical formulations.

    The excellent solvency of the heavy aromatic products allows them to be utilized in even the most sensitive agrochemical formulations. In a world where most agrochemical formulators have been dependent on a handful of hydrocarbon solvent products with fixed properties, they have had to develop the formulation around the solvent. Haltermann Carless takes the contrasting approach where we have a passion for working closely with our customers to develop tailored special aromatic solvent formulations. These bespoke formulations are customized to a formulator’s active ingredients solvency boundaries.

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