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    Product Line Overview

    Our Pentanes team has a long history of producing a wide range of high purity Pentanes (min. 95%) and their blends, typically designed for the requirements of the insulation, chemical and cosmetic industries.

    The broad portfolio of formulations containing all three isomers (n-, iso-, cyclopentane) is tailored for individual customers and applications to serve markets across the globe.



    The Pentanes Product Range

    Pentane, properly formulated as a blowing agent for a specific application, is a key requirement for our customers in the insulation industry. It enables them to maximise their thermal and physical product characteristics.

    Other quality aspects such as purity and minimal reactive impurities are decisive for applications utilising Pentanes as catalytic solvents in chemical processes. For cosmetic applications, we also offer low odour Pentane Qualities.

    Cosultation pentanes 


    Polyurethane Foam Systems

    Pentanes are used as blowing agents in the manufacture of polyurethane foams.

    This foam is used as insulation in household and commercial appliances, refrigerated and cooling containers, insulation boards and panels, pipe insulation and similar applications.

    Pentanes for foam applications are highly complex in their composition. Each one must meet stringent environmental requirements, whilst providing high insulation performance and control under various processing conditions. At the same time, they are expected to offer dimensional stability and long-term technical parameters.

    To meet these market demands, a Pentane grade appropriate to the particular polyurethane system is required for each individual application.

    Our portfolio of Pentanes is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s market needs for hydrocarbon blowing agents. Tailored products within the n-, iso- and cyclopentane set range from pure technical qualities of min. 95%, to speciality grades based on tailored blend ratios to achieve an outstanding product.



    Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

    Pentane S is a multi-purpose grade which is widely used within the EPS industry as a blowing agent for insulation in the construction and packaging industries.

    Our consistent quality and an exceptional logistics network allow us to build long-standing relationship with all our key partners in Europe. Further products with adjusted blend ratios, such as Pentane 75 and Pentane 85, enable the development of solutions which are unique to a customers’ individual needs.


    Catalytic Processes

    The chemical industry uses Pentanes as specific hydrocarbon solvents in various catalytic processes.

    Our products have low levels of impurities and are of a consistent high quality which ensures a sustainable and stable operating process for our customers.


    Cosmetic Products

    Special cosmetic Pentane grades deliver high standards of odour-free purity when used as aerosol propellants in consumer cosmetic products such as hairspray and shaving gels and foams.

    All our Pentane grades can be delivered globally in packaging sizes from 6 to 200 litres, or in bulk quantities.

    Did you know?

    Ternary blends show a potential for excellent long-term performance, which is an important parameter in the building industry.

    Learn more about our DOE study and the benefits of ternary pentanes:

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