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    Pentanes – the base substances for greater sustainability

    Our Pentanes business has a decades-long tradition of producing a wide range of high-purity pentanes and blends with a minimum purity of 95%. They have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the construction, refrigerator, chemical and cosmetics industries.

    This wide range of formulations contains all three isomers of pentane (n-Pentane, iso-Pentane and Cyclopentane) and is individually tailored to your application needs.


    Cyclopentane is the first ring-shaped, naturally occurring hydrocarbon. It is present in very small quantities in crude oil, the most common source being naphtha from crackers. The chemical formula for this cycloalkane, or naphthene, is C5H10

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    n-Pentane is a chain-like hydrocarbon from the alkane group with the chemical formula C5H12. It is the unbranched representative of the pentane isomers.

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    iso-Pentane is the first branched, liquid hydrocarbon or paraffin. This group of substances is also called alkanes. The iso-pentane has a chemical formula of C5H12.

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    Individual blends

    As the only European manufacturer of all three pentanes and the largest capacity of Cyclopentane, we offer blends according to your individual specifications and are happy to implement all mixing ratios.  


    René Tessmann

    Senior Vice President
    Business Unit Industrial


    Sales Contact

    Jan Fischer

    Sales Coordinator – Pentanes, Global
    Phone: +49 40 333 18 429

    Timo Parlowski

    Commercial Manager North America
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    You can find more product information in our media library:

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    Technical data at a glance 

    Pentanes are hydrocarbons and belong to the family of alkanes. They are the first hydrocarbons to be liquid at room temperature. They are generally characterised by a low boiling point, low density and high vapor pressure. Pure n-Pentane and iso-Pentane are almost odourless. 

    Our Pentanes have a particularly high degree of purity of at least 95%. Convince yourself of our products and their properties.

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    The name "pentane" is derived from the five carbon atoms in each molecule.
    "Penta" means "five" in Greek.

    Product benefits due to investment in modern technologies

    Our new hydrogenation plant in Speyer

    Haltermann Carless is actively shaping the future - for stable security of supply, for even higher product quality, and for greater sustainability

    The new hydrogenation plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enables us to offer significantly new Cyclopentane capacity volumes to the global market and make us the largest Cyclopentane producer worldwide! Additionally, the plant allows us to further develop our existing portfolio in a variety of ways. The Speyer site - located in the center of Europe - offers the best conditions for this with its own logistics infrastructure, laboratories and a highly qualified and motivated team. This enables us to provide our worldwide customers with the best possible service.

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    Hydrogenation Speyer

    Where are Pentanes used?

    Insight into the market and industries     

    Even if we don't see them - it's hard to imagine our lives without pentanes. They even help to improve the climate! For example, they are used as an indispensable blowing agent for insulating foams in the following industries:

    • Insulating materials for the construction industry 
    • Insulation materials for refrigeration equipment
    • Refrigerator trucks
    • Packaging industry
    • Cosmetics industry  

    Pentanes are also a valued solvent and process medium in the chemical industry.

    Where are pentanes used

    Especially the market for insulation is growing with the increasing need for more energy savings. Pentanes contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

    In addition to energy efficiency, pentanes are an environmentally friendly alternative to fluorinated hydrocarbons, as they have no ozone depletion potential and only a low GWP (Global Warming Potential). They comply with the global regulations for protecting the stratospheric ozone layer, which have been put into action internationally since 1987, based on the Montreal Protocol. The treaty mandates the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).


    The market requirements are clearly formulated:

    • High product purity
    • Possibility of flexible blends / mixtures
    • Flexibility in transport and logistics
    • Compliance with all environmental regulations and certifications
    • Technical expertise and support 


    Besides the excellent sustainability properties, our customers have high expectations and specific requirements for our n-Pentanes, iso-Pentanes and Cyclopentanes, which we are happy to meet. Technical advice on these topics is provided by our Technical Services & Development team.

    Your technical contact

    Dr. Sascha Rulhoff

    Vice President Technical Services & Development

    Phone: +49 40 333 18 401

    Pentanes Application

    Pentanes occur naturally in crude oil, naphtha or gasoline. They can be obtained from these by distillation. In addition to applications for the construction, refrigerator, chemical and cosmetics industries, they are also suitable as a special solvent, refrigerant in air conditioning systems, as a working medium in geothermal plants and for special catalytic processes in the production of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).


    The four most important areas of application for our Pentanes:

    Polyurethane (PU) foam systems  

    Pentanes act as blowing agents in the production of Polyurethane (PU) foams. These PU foams are used in household appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, and in the construction industry, such as thermal insulation or pipe insulation. 


    Because the width and depth of a refrigerator or freezer arePentanes for refrigerator or freezerstandardised,the insulation cannot be as thick as desired, because the usable volume should naturally be as large as possible. The insulation therefore usually consists of Polyurethane foam, which fills all the remaining space between the walls and the interior, thus also contributing to the stability of the appliance. Cyclopentane has a special role here. Part of the Cyclopentane remains in the cells of the PU foam and thus actively contributes to the insulation. Thus, the refrigerator is particularly efficient, although the thickness of the insulation layer is thin. 

    In the field of facade insulation, materials made of Polyurethane foam can be used. They are an excellent alternative to foamed Polystyrene, because the insulation performance is much higher
    due to the Cyclopentane used as a blowing agent in most cases.


    The structure of the insulating materials varies depending on the type or blend of Pentane used. Each of these blowing agents must meet strict environmental requirements, ensure high insulating performance of the PU foams and be usable under various processing conditions. At the same time, the requirements for the foams in terms of dimensional stability and resistance of technical parameters must be met.

    To meet these market requirements, Haltermann Carless offers tailor-made Pentane formulations for individual Polyurethane systems and individual applications.

    Extruded polystyrene (XPS) Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

    Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), is made from polymer granules and Pentane as blowing agent. These are melted and mixed in an extruder. When it emerges from the nozzle, it expands abruptly due to the pressure drop. This is how the familiar packaging chips can be produced, or sheets for insulation purposes. Unlike other foamed Polystyrene, these products have a closed surface. 

    Our Pentane S is a versatile product formulation and is used in the Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) industries as a blowing agent for insulation in the construction and packaging industries.

    Foaming gels Pentanes foaming gels 

    In the cosmetics industry, iso-Pentane is used in self-foaming shower gels and shaving foams. The iso-Pentane dissolved in the material is activated by the heat of the water and the hands and produces a particularly fine-pored and stable foam. This can be distributed particularly well. 

    Such a Pentane must of course meet particularly stringent cosmetic requirements. Specially selected batches of iso-Pentane are therefore intensively tested for undesirable aromatics and other components. A final odour control guarantees a neutral propellant without any disturbing influence on the cosmetic product.

    Catalytic processesKatalysator_33_1100x620px

    The chemical industry uses Pentanes as special hydrocarbon-based solvents in various catalytic processes, mainly for the production of LLDPE, Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Low impurities and consistent quality are important criteria to ensure sustainable and stable production processes.

    Services for more flexibility

    We supply our customers worldwide from the heart of Europe - our Speyer location offers excellent conditions and long-standing, competent and committed colleagues.

    Would you like to learn more about our Services? We are happy to advice you!

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    supply chain management

    Convince yourself of Haltermann Carless'.... 

    ... modern facilities: 

    High-quality equipment in our facilities and associated laboratories is the basis for our consistently high quality standards. We continuously invest in new technologies, such as our hydrogenation plant, which can produce your products in even higher purity, increases our capacity and protects our environment through a particularly sustainable manufacturing process. Of course we are certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and 50001 (Energy) and our Pentanes are REACH-registered.

    ... customised logistics:

    Do you need flexibility in transportation or different packaging options? Our supply chain team will work out the best solution for your needs. Our Speyer site provides the perfect base for your worldwide deliveries, as we are strategically located near Frankfurt Airport and the Rhine River and have our own jetty on the plant premises, our own loading and unloading stations for rail tank cars, and loading points for tank trucks.

    ... individual service:

    We've been working on innovative solutions for more than 160 years, always partnering with our customers. We take the time to explore new possibilities with you and find the best product formulation for your needs. This is what we are known for and what differentiates us from others!

    ... expertise and tailor-made products:

    As the only European manufacturer of all three Pentanes, we offer tailor-made blends. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you, as for example in our free study on ternary Pentane blends with clear added value for our customers. 


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    For a better life cycle assessment

    Our Pentanes contribute to saving energy and thus to reducing CO2 emissions. How does this work exactly?

    Pentanes are indispensable blowing agents for insulating foams and demonstrably improve the insulating properties of refrigerators and freezers, thermal insulation materials in construction or pipe insulation. This contributes significantly to energy savings.

    In addition, our Pentanes have a very good ecological profile:

    • Zero ozone depletion potential according to the Montreal Protocol
    • Low global warming potential (GWP) of 25 
    • Established environmentally friendly alternative for CFCs, which are now banned in large areas and are hazardous to the environment 


    reducing CO2 emissions

    Learn more about our products that help to improve our ecological footprint and our sustainability activities:

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