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A standard in printing: Test Oils for fast performance.

To deliver a speedy and high quality print product, everything has to work perfectly. Haltermann Carless test oils contribute to this challenge. 

Printing ink sounds simple but is more than a solvent, resin and pigments. Hand printed books were more affordable than written ones, but only from the middle of the 19th century on, we can speak of an industry. Can you imagine how fast a printing process is nowadays? About five sheets of paper per seconds, whereas every sheet contains more than one book page or leaflet. At such a high speed, everything has to work accurately. Most resins used for printing are a natural or modified natural product. For being able to deliver always the same quality, a standard is necessary. Our Test Oil range, only available at Haltermann Carless, are defined printing ink distillates that make comparison of different production batches of resins possible.

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