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    Specialties for specialists: How Haltermann Carless early farsightedness results in success

    Haltermann Carless is a chemical company offering a great variety of high-quality products to selected markets and applications. The strong knowledge of the chemicals business combined with our expertise in petrochemicals have given us a unique position worldwide. Customers value our expertise and comprehensive technical application services as well as our solution-oriented approach.

    Whereas big oil companies focus on high volumes and product standardisation, Haltermann Carless focuses on downstream and application services, such as:

    • Tailor-made products - developed with and for customers
    • Highly flexible production units
    • Comprehensive application service support
    • Dedicated supply chain per product

    Early focus on specialty products and services

    The foundation for todays’ specialties business was laid already in 1953. Back then, Haltermann realized that his company would be unable to withstand the competition of the major, multi-national organisations in the fuel sector in the long-term. Thus, he decided to focus on specialty products and services.

    In practice, this was acknowledged by a systematic and gradual approach. At the production site Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Germany, the distillation columns for benzenes and tar acids were upgraded, continuous refining equipment was built on the basis of in-house designs and sodium was introduced as a reagent in the desulfurisation of white spirit. To meet the growing demands of aromatics he reached out to a new process from the USA: aromatics produced in a petrochemical process providing high purity and low odour – important characteristics for the customers of such solvents.

    With his farsightedness and strategic approach, Haltermann enabled a new business path and succeeded in developing a strong market position – which we still hold today. As an international leading company of hydrocarbon-based specialty products we can proudly confirm that we are continuing the successful story of our founding father(s).

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    (from the book “100 Years Haltermann – 1898-1998, p. 31)


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