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    „Petrol“: How Haltermann Carless invented the world famous name.

    „Petrol“ is a common term used all over the world. But do you know that the name was invented by Haltermann Carless in 1893? It was around the 1890s when the development of motor cars started in the UK replacing more and more the existing steam-powered vehicles. Back then, Carless was the leading company for the distillation of mineral oil products and the intention was to contribute to the new way of transport by producing a better fuel. Being associated with a man called Frederick Simms, a British motor industry pioneer, who was acquainted with the famous Gottlieb Daimler, Carless had been requested to provide a mineral spirit of high volatility for the new motor launches.

    A new name is born

    An agreement was set-up between Simms and Carless regarding the sale of „Launch Spirit“ for the Daimler launches. Both realized the importance of having a distinctive name for their new product if they want to keep the supply of mineral spirit in the company‘s hand. They thought of several names, and finally came up with the name „Petrol“. It was called by that name ever since.

    Carless motor fuel „Petrol“ represented an amazing success story, as it played an important role in the evolving automotive and racing market in the UK. 

    Carless tried to register the trade mark „Petrol“, but unfortunately the Registrar of Trade Marks had not admitted the name on the grounds that it was a descriptive word and by law then stood, although a new word, it could not be registered.

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    (From the book „Fuelling Success at Carless“, p. 31)

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