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Invisible contribution for a visible difference

What would you say is most important aspect when buying your chemicals? We think it is quality and reliability. These have been our values from the beginning.

The standard we are aiming for has been growing for decades. Starting in the 1960s, we have steadily been expanding both our product range and quality. Haltermann Carless was one of the first to carry out computer simulations of distillation processes, thereby drastically reducing the time span required for trials. The result of these efforts were high purity products such as n-heptane and iso-octane in ASTM quality. These two ultra-pure products are used as reference fuels for octane-rating. In 1969, we were the first and sole producer of such a quality in Europe.

However our hydrocarbons are not only used for engineering and industrial applications. The pharmaceutical industry uses a wealth of solvents for the production of active ingredients. Our high purity hydrocarbons are used frequently, mostly for purification and crystallization of final products or intermediates. For decades, we have supplied the highest standards of products used in human and animal pharmacology and medical technology. Today our customers can be found all around the world.

The beginning of the 1990s was marked by the introduction of formal quality assurance systems. The achievement of high standards of quality had always been regarded as a matter of course by the chemical industry. All Haltermann Carless plants hold ISO 9000 certifications as one part of our quality initiative. Recommendations by national chemical associations were implemented, for instance the ‘Responsible Care’ initiative. Our then Houston plant pioneered the program as one of the first medium-sized US chemical companies to adopt its principles and practices, a move which benefited our contract processing business with major American customers who had shown particular concern in this respect.

Providing and maintaining a high quality for every customer is the daily task we proudly fulfil.

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