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Extreme temperatures: How a diesel fuel keeps luxury cars rolling also in wintertime

A tailor-made artic fuel which remains in fluid state right down to -55 °C helped our customer to save time and costs. 

Taking up challenges, advancing research and finding solutions - these have been important elements of our daily work at Haltermann Carless for generations. We focus on customers and their needs. Together we develop tailor-made solutions – with great success. A few years ago we developed a bespoke diesel fuel for one of our automotive OEM customers; this ensured that their luxury cars were able to drive off the ship after a long journey even in the deepest and coldest winter.

Our customer was exporting their cars to Arctic climates during the winter months from September to March. Once there the cars could not be driven off the ship; this was due to temperatures as low as -40 °C which had caused conventional diesel fuel to gel, thereby clogging fuel filters and lines. The luxury cars first had to be parked in a warm place until the fuel became liquid again. A very time-consuming and expensive procedure for the car manufacturer.

Haltermann Carless took up the challenge and developed a special type of diesel fuel called "Carcal EN590 Class 4" that reliably remains in fluid state right down to -55 °C. Then as now, automobile manufacturers use this diesel fuel to keep their cars running during extreme cold weather.

Companies worldwide rely on our expertise and appreciate Haltermann Carless for its development of customised solutions. We continue to write our company’s history with a creative team, customer focus and new tailor-made developments.

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