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From Condensate to Consumer Goods: How our Oil and Gas business keeps the world moving.

Consumer goods, packaging or medical applications are just a view areas where Haltermann Carless naphtha products find application. More about the process from a gas condensate to a high quality naphtha to a consumer goods.

Did you know that Haltermann Carless is a major supplier of naphtha to the European steam crackers for the manufacture of polymers?

Gas condensate is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, side product of natural gas production in the North Sea. Using this condensate as a feedstock, we refine this into high quality naphtha grades, which come in variable paraffin contents. The naphtha is then processed in steam crackers to produce various monomers such as ethylene and propylene, which are polymerised to create polymer products that go into packaging applications, consumer goods, fibres, plastics, medical applications and so many more!

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