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    At full throttle: From motor fuels to highly specialized racing additives

    Ever since, Haltermann Carless has a strong connection to the automotive industry. We are recognized as expert fuel development partner amongst our worldwide customers. We have the technical expertise and experience to maintain extensive development work with global engine and vehicle manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and test facilities, to produce performance fuels to the highest quality required.

    When maximum speed and endurance is required, we guide our customers to select the right racing fuel for their championship. Our unique formulations offer maximum performance while at the same time protecting the engine by significantly reducing wear. Designed in close co‑operation with leading engine manufacturers and race teams, our racing fuels – marketed as Carless Hiperflo and ETS Racing Fuels - meet and exceed all the challenges that come with world-wide racing and regulations. Classic and vintage car drivers as well as motorbike and water-sport vehicle racers enjoy our fuels equally.

    Carless “Petrol” enables “1,000 Miles Trial” success

    The heritage of our motorsport activities go all the way back to the end of the 19th century. In the UK then, Carless’ motor fuel “Petrol” was used by the majority of motorists. Since the introduction of auto racing events, “Petrol” quickly achieved an excellent reputation and became the preferred fuel.

    Carless became a founding member of the Automobile Club in 1897, which was renamed Royal Automobile Club (RAC) six years later. In April 1900, they organised the most spectacular and ambitious event of that time: The “1,000 Miles Trial”.

    Most of the 65 cars taking part used Carless „Petrol“. Of these, 23 finished, including the 12-horse-power Panhard driven by the Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls, a motoring and aviation pioneer and co-founder of the Rolls-Royce car manufacturing firm. C.S. Rolls used Carless “Petrol” exclusively and won the premier award for the best performance by a privately owned automobile.

    Back then as today, racing teams and event organisers trust our unique racing fuel formulations. Haltermann Carless develops, produces and delivers high-performance racing fuels and value-added services – wherever needed.

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    (from the book “Fuelling Success at Carless”, p. 33/34)


    C.S. Rolls in his car at the 1,000 miles trial

    Book Carless p. 35 (C.S. Rolls in his car at the 1,000 miles trial)


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