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Restart of construction activities at hydrogenation plant

After a six-month interruption, construction work on the new hydrogenation plant at Haltermann Carless's production site in Speyer will continue. The plant is scheduled for completion in Q4 2021.


Frankfurt a. M., October 1, 2020 - Haltermann Carless, a company of HCS Group and a leading supplier of high-value hydrocarbon solutions, is resuming construction work on the new hydrogenation plant at the German production site in Speyer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company interrupted this project in April. Now the mechanical completion of the hydrogenation plant is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

"We are pleased to continue the construction of our hydrogenation plant. The hydrogenation plant is a very important building block for our future. It opens up new opportunities in the sourcing of raw materials and in the adjustment of product qualities, which contributes to the strategic stability of our business and thus to maintaining our competitiveness on the international market," says Henrik Krüpper, CEO of HCS Group. He adds: "Furthermore, the new technology allows us to consequently implement the topic of sustainability. We will be able to meet the significantly increased demand of various industries from aviation to cosmetics for solutions based on renewable raw materials with new product types."

Hydrogenation plant - an investment for the future

The hydrogenation plant is the largest investment in the recent history of the company. In addition to the processing of a wider variety of raw materials, it offers the opportunity to produce new types of products as well as products with a very high purity, as required by the pharmaceutical industry, for example.

Strict safety concept on the construction site

In order to protect the contractors and own employees from COVID-19, Haltermann Carless will commence construction activities from the end of October 2020, in compliance with a stringent work safety and hygiene concept.


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Haltermann Carless-Speyer-Hydrogentation-Delivery Tank 2020_06    Haltermann Carless-Speyer-Hydrieranlage-Installation Tank_mr-1    
Delivery of a tank at the hydrogenation plan in Speyer in February 2020.  © HCS Group


About Haltermann Carless

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