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Legal Entity Name Changes in the US for Haltermann Carless and ETS

Legal Entity Name Changes in the US for Haltermann Carless and ETS

  • New legal structure will offer an even better access to the US market, while ensuring the Group’s long-term growth strategy
  • Haltermann Carless USA, Inc. changes into Haltermann Carless US Inc.
  • ETS Racing Inc. becomes Haltermann Carless US Inc.

Manvel, April, 1, 2017. With the integration of the U.S. facility in Manvel into the global production network, HCS Group has strategically expanded the growing worldwide base. HCS GROUP has become a truly global operating company and Haltermann Carless is now also a truly American manufacturer.

Today approval to change the name of incorporation for the brands Haltermann Carless and ETS Racing was obtained. The following operating subsidiaries in North America are impacted by this change: 

Current Legal Entity Name  New Legal Entity Name

Haltermann Carless USA, Inc.  Haltermann Carless US Inc.

ETS Racing Inc. Haltermann Carless US Inc.


“This is another milestone for our activities in the US-market and for HCS Group’s strategy. With our new legal entity we continue our footprint in North America. We appreciate the confidence in our products and look forward to continuing the strong business relationships in the US”, says Dr. Uwe Nickel, CEO HCS Group.

The new legal structure is designed to give the company greater flexibility in terms of acting as one consolidated Group, while at the same time reinforcing its long-term commercial perspective and thereby retaining and strengthening its character as an American company with roots in two of the oldest European chemical companies world-wide.

About the HCS Group The HCS Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty products and solutions in the hydrocarbons sector. The Group includes the brands Haltermann Carless, ETS Racing Fuels and EOS. The HCS Group belongs to H.I.G. Europe, a subsidiary of the US private equity company, H.I.G. Capital.

About Haltermann Carless Haltermann Carless’s tradition-steeped history is rooted in two of the oldest chemical companies worldwide and combines the creative power of two exceptional chemists – Johann Haltermann and Eugene Carless. As an expert on solvents and other hydrocarbon-based products, companies from all over the world and from numerous industries rely on innovative solutions from Haltermann Carless. The global refineries as well as the processing and blending facilities are state of the art and form the basis for producing diverse speciality products.

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