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Haltermann Carless' fire brigade receives new extinguishing system

With the new "Turbo Hydro Jet-Box", Haltermann Carless equips its plant fire brigade in Speyer with one of the most powerful spray guns.


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Haltermann Carless plant fire brigade in Speyer takes new extinguishing system "Turbo Hydro Jet-Box" into operation. The system has one of the world's most powerful spray guns.

Frankfurt a. M., May 19 2022 - Haltermann Carless' plant fire brigade is pleased to receive the new extinguishing system "Turbo Hydro Jet-Box", in short "THJ 4000". On Wednesday, May 18 2022, the first two machinists of the own plant fire brigade were trained.

Haltermann Carless' fire brigade is now equipped with one of the world's most powerful spray guns. With a throwing range of up to 120 m and small water droplet size, the "turbo extinguisher" is suitable for cooling and securing plants as well as for fire-fighting in areas that are difficult to access, such as in production plants.

"Haltermann Carless' fire brigade is very proud to include the THJ extinguishing system in its vehicle fleet," says Markus Dörner, Head of Haltermann Carless’ Fire Brigade, and his deputy Matthias Merk adds: "With the THJ system, we are getting a powerful emergency vehicle for fire-fighting and hazard prevention. This is particularly well suited for use in our plants."

Dr. Henning Wartig, Site Manager Haltermann Carless in Speyer, adds: "The new fire engine with the THJ box is another step towards continuously increasing safety at our site in Speyer. We continuously aim to strengthen this strategic production site and to secure its future."

The "Turbo Hydro Jet-Box"

The "turbo extinguisher" is particularly popular with plant fire brigades in the chemical industry. Special feature: The "THJ-Box" uses an aircraft engine with an output of 3,000 hp to throw the extinguishing water and atomise it into the finest droplets. Whereas the previous engines had to run on jet fuel, the engine now used runs on diesel fuel. Fuel consumption can thus be more than halved. The noise of the engine is also significantly reduced. And the Turbo Hydro Jet process requires up to 2/3 less extinguishing water with the same effect. 



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Haltermann Carless Werkfeuerwehr nimmt THJ-Box in Betrieb_1100x620px

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