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Haltermann Carless receives ISCC EU certification

The ISCC EU certification is an important milestone in Haltermann Carless' ambition to develop sustainable solutions in accordance with strict sustainability criteria. 



The ISCC EU certification is an important milestone in Haltermann Carless' ambition to develop sustainable solutions in accordance with strict sustainability criteria. As first step, the certification enables Haltermann Carless to provide certified renewable performance fuels to the automotive and motorsport industry.

Frankfurt a. M., Germany, 21. June 2022 - Haltermann Carless, a company of the HCS Group and a leading supplier of high-value hydrocarbon solutions, is pleased to announce that certification has been achieved to the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification scheme (ISCC). Through this commitment, the company is confirming its ambition to drive its portfolio towards sustainable solutions. It allows Haltermann Carless to further develop and offer renewable performance fuels according to strict sustainability criteria including traceability throughout the entire supply chain and demonstrable greenhouse gas (GHG) savings.

Henrik Krüpper, Chief Executive Officer HCS Group, says: “The ISCC EU certification demonstrates our strong commitment towards the circular economy and our compliance with sustainability requirements set out by the European Commission. As a perpetual pioneer in the area of high-value hydrocarbons we are dedicated to making a clear contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as part of our strategy to deliver portfolio change solutions for our valued customers.”

Chris Hutchinson, Senior Vice President Corporate Development & Sustainability at Haltermann Carless, says: “We are delighted to receive the ISCC certificate. Certification is a key step in our sustainability strategy enabling us to provide our customers with independently validated and transparent sustainability data throughout our entire supply chain.”

Bruno Philippon, Senior Vice President BU Mobility at Haltermann Carless, says: “We are excited to provide our customers with renewable performance fuels that give a genuine and independently validated greenhouse gas emission reduction whilst maintaining high engine performance. In today’s market, we see transparency and certification such as ISCC as vitally important tools to be recognised a credible and trustworthy partner along the value chain.”


Expanding ISCC certification to other materials

While the ISCC EU certification is covering the supply of specific bioliquids, HCS Group will, in the months ahead, be expanding the ISCC certification across all its major production sites and will broaden the range of certified sustainable materials available to its customers.


About ISCC certification system

ISCC is a multi-stakeholder organisation supporting the shift towards the circular economy and bioeconomy. As a globally applicable sustainability certification system, ISCC covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes, circular materials and renewables.

ISCC EU is recognised by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria for biofuels set out in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) for all member states of the European Union.



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About Haltermann Carless

Haltermann Carless is a pioneer and leading international supplier of high-value hydrocarbon solutions in Mobility, Life Science, Industrial and Energy. With access to renewable resources from strategic partners, the company drives the development of sustainable products making a contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. The company, which is part of HCS Group, employs 500 people and has production sites in Germany, the UK, France and the USA. More information:

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