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Haltermann Carless launches low carbon mass balance Pentane portfolio

Using the ISCC Plus mass balance approach, Haltermann Carless introduces a new low carbon Pentane portfolio. 


Haltermann Carless Production Site Speyer_15x10cm

Haltermann Carless introduces ISCC Plus certified mass balance n-/iso-and Cyclopentanes. The materials have a significantly lower carbon footprint than their conventional counterparts and support the insulating industry in advancing towards a circular economy.

Frankfurt a. M., 15.02.2023 - Haltermann Carless, a company of HCS Group and a pioneer of sustainable hydrocarbon solutions, is proud to announce the introduction of a new low carbon mass balance Pentane product range. The ISCC PLUS certified portfolio - including Cyclopentane, n- and iso-Pentane as well as blends – will be used in specialty applications and industries where carbon footprint reduction is an important consideration for customers, such as in insulating materials for refrigerators or construction.

René Tessmann, Head of Business Unit Industrial at Haltermann Carless says: “Being a leading manufacturer of Pentanes, it is a matter of course for us to be at the forefront of sustainable developments. Our mass balance Pentanes offer the same high quality as their conventional counterparts, can be easily integrated into existing production processes and support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals.”

Chris Hutchinson, Head of Corporate Development & Sustainability at Haltermann Carless, adds: “As part of our sustainability strategy we strive to develop sustainable solutions while adhering to strict sustainability criteria. The ISCC PLUS certified mass balance approach, using consistent and certified data, is a great option to achieve verifiable emission reductions in the supply chain and to help deliver a true circular economy and bioeconomy for our customers.”

The mass balance Pentane portfolio is manufactured at the Haltermann Carless production site in Speyer, Germany.

Transparency: Mass balance approach

The principle of mass balancing that goes hand in hand with ISCC PLUS certification enables a high degree of transparency and traceability along the entire supply chain. The mass balance approach is an essential tool used to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel materials as feedstock across a wide range of industries. In practice, it allows the mixing of renewable and recycled materials with traditional feedstock to create a lower-carbon product. It is recognised as a necessary step in achieving a fully circular economy.



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Haltermann Carless Production Site Speyer_15x10cm

Haltermann Carless bringt erstmals massenbilanziertes Pentan auf den Markt. Die Produkte haben einen deutlich geringeren CO2-Fußabdruck als die konventionellen Pentane und werden am Standort Speyer hergestellt. © HCS Group


About Haltermann Carless

Haltermann Carless is a pioneer and leading international supplier of high-value hydrocarbon solutions in Mobility, Life Science, Industrial and Energy. With access to renewable resources from strategic partners, the company drives the development of sustainable products making a contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. The company, which is part of HCS Group, employs 500 people and has production sites in Germany, the UK, France and the USA. 

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