New ternary pentane blends offer benefits to the PU and PIR industry.

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New ternary pentane blends offer benefits to the PU and PIR industry

Information for decision makers in the PU and PIR industry

Pentane blowing agents are widely used in the industry. Depending on the isomer used, the performance and characteristics of the foams may vary significantly. Haltermann Carless has explored the possibility of creating blends made from all three isomers n-, iso- and cyclopentanes. The results of these ternary pentane blends look promising and might offer additional benefits to the PU (polyurethane) and PIR (polyisocyanurate) industry.



  • You will learn about the benefits of ternary pentanes for the PU and PIR industry.
  • You will receive background information on the implementation of the study.
  • Learn more about the results of the study.

Ternary blends show a potential for excellent long-term performance, which is an important parameter in the building industry.


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