Low Viscosity Base Oils

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    Product Line Overview

    Our Pilot® range is one of the market-leading brands in speciality base oils, with each oil defined for specific performance characteristics.



    The Low Viscosity Base Oil Product Range

    These oils are narrow cut, low viscosity oils used by manufacturers to produce a wide variety of specialist products including lubricants, metalworking fluids, silicone sealants, plasticisers and water treatment products. Other industries use them in construction, for processing paper and as extender oils.

    Each Pilot® oil is produced from specifically selected feedstocks using precise refining processes. This gives our customers the essential combination of characteristics they need for particular applications.

    The design of these oils involves the cross-matching of key parameters to deliver the exacting performance requirements for our customers. The oils allow you to choose options to meet most industrial criteria, such as environmental and occupational considerations, solvency, viscosity range and extreme temperature performance, and exhibit the excellent boiling curve characteristics associated with straight run oil fractions.

    Pilot® oils provide a broad choice for the formulator including low aromatic contents, high flash points, iso-dewaxed and with good solvency characteristics for use with high concentration additive packages.


    Silicone Sealant Extender Oils

    Pilot® Oils have excellent compatibility and solvency properties, allowing them to be used as extender oils for silicone sealants. The oils benefit from low aromatics and therefore very low odour, making them ideal for inclusion in acetoxy and alkoxy applications.

    The UV-stability of our Pilot® Oils provide excellent anti-ageing and colour-stabilised properties, ensuring a proven total life for the cured sealant, whether pigmented or neutral, whilst achieving competitive formulation costs. Improved application and extrusion characteristics assist with both professional and DIY use.


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